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Denon AHD2000 vs 5000 + Amp Recommendations?

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EDIT: Since I've found out that the 2000 and 5000 aren't necesarily the best portable phones out their I'm trying to decide on the Ultrasone pro 900s


I'm trying to decide between the AHD 2000 and the 5000 for my new on the go headphones. I'll also need some amp recommendations. 


I primarily listen to electronica, dubstep, techno, ect with some rock and rap. I like a strong bass but I don't want it to overpower the rest of the music. 


Both cans look good for what I need, I'm looking for something that won't leak too much sound and will be good to wear around campus. 


Currently I have the Ultimate Ears TF10s and I'm looking for a sound upgrade plus I like over ear much more than in ear. 


Any help is appreciated, I'm really torn as to whether the 5000 is worth the extra money or not. 

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The only difference between the two 'phones are that the D5000 has wooden cups and a higher purity copper cable. They sound identical. But take it from someone how has the D2000, they are not portable headphones. They are too large and too 'fragile feeling'. Also it has a long, thick, and bulky cable. That being said, if the denon sound is why your are buying them and portability is the second priority, then just use them for your home rig and get the matrix m-stage amp for them. However, if your main priority is portability, then i suggest looking somewhere else. Also keep in mind that denon does not make that headphone any more and they recently released a new line.


Happy Head-fi-ing

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Thanks for the reply! I tossed you a PM with some more specifics on what I'm looking for to see if you could recommend me anything. 

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Denon D2000 with a Fiio E10. Or E11 if portable. E17 if you want both.


The D5000 is worth it if you want the mahagony back cups and a little more bass. To me it was worth it. But that said, the price difference is stark. If money is at all a concern, go D2000.


Fiio amps come with these lovely +3 db bass boosts that don't even have distortion. It's awesome. Pair your Denon with one and it's earthquake time.


Very best,

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