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Good pair of headphones/amp combo for travel and at home use?

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Okay, here's my current situation I'm looking for help with. 


What I need is a pair of very nice cans that I can preferably amplify and use with computer as well as on the go. Looks are a plus but I won't not buy a pair of amazing head phones because of looks alone. I primarily listen to Electronica genres as well as some rock and occasionally rap. I really need a head phone that has solid bass, I don't want to be left asking for more. 


One feature I'm extremely fond of about my current set up is that my UE TF 10s Isolate my sound so well. When I'm in a public place I really like how nobody else around me can hear me blasting my music. Is it possible to get those sort of effect with over ear cans? If not, just ignore this paragraph. 


Currently my travel setup is just a pair of UE TF 10s which was my first step into the headphone market. Now that I've had a taste for what good quality sounds like (I never even amped them), I really am looking to dish out for even better sound. 


Being a noob I have zero idea what amps are good, if I can even have a nice portable setup still usable with a computer and sound good, ect. So I've come here asking for help. 


I was looking at stuff like the HD 650s but I'm pretty lost. I have money and I want something that will blow my TF 10s out of the water :)


Any help is appreciated


PS: I know this section doesn't regard amps, but I'm hoping someone who has a pair of headphones they are recommending to me can recommend an amp as well as I have even less of an idea about how to choose an amp then I do about a pair of headphones. 

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Hd650 won't work for you because they do not provide isolation. AKG K550 or other seal headphone should suit your need more. As for k550' they are very efficient and should not need a lot of amping.

Sorry just saw that you were looking at bassy headphones. Consider the audio technica pro700mk or the ultrasone pro900. The new Sony extra bass series seem interesting too.

It is suggested to use a dac/amp for pc. One would be the fiio e17. Another option would be to buy a sound card and use fiio e 11 as an amp for portable use.
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Sounds like you need a bassy isolating headphone and a portable DAC/AMP interface.




Beyer DT770 PRO 80ohm or 250ohm (doesn't matter which; get the cheaper one)

Beyer DT770 Premium (any ohm; only difference really is style)

Brainwavz HM5 or NVX

Fischer Audio FA003

Fischer Audio FA002W

AudioTechnica A900X

MadDog T50RP by Mr Speakers

Denon D2000 (used)

Denon D5000 (used)

Denon D600

Ultrasone PRO 750

Ultrasone PRO 900


With a Fiio E7 or E17.


Very best,

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After researching eat each of the headphones on your list I decided on the Denon d600. a coworker of mine absolutely love them I however feel it's lacking in the mids and highs. I am also looking for a headphone to pair with The fiio e17. I am thinking about the hifiman he-400. Any thoughts? Also what did the original poster end up going with?
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