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Looking for IEM under $30

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Hello, In the first place thanks you for reading this post. I must mention that i am new to Head fi. I am looking for IEM's that are under $30. These IEM will mostly be used for school and work. I prefer them to be straight down. i am currently looking at the M9, Vsonic GR99 and Brainwavz Beta. I mostly listen to Rock  and Electro. The only IEMs that i have owned are the  Apple Headphones & SkullCandy Ink'd. I also own the HD 428 and HD 419.  I am willing to pay more if the sound is notoriously better. 


Which would be the best IEM for me to buy?

Over the ear or straight down?

How do the M9, Vsonic GR99 and Brainwavz Beta compare?

How do they compare to the Tours By Dre?

Which is better?

Pros and cons?

If possible, please mention where i am able to buy them for the best deal.

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Anyone? and also bump :)

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Thanks for your help @FieldingMellish I ended up buying the monoprice 8320. Seeing that it has a lot of great reviews for their great SQ with great clarity. On top of that it also keeps a very low price of 10.77 shipped. Thanks again.

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Another happy Head-Fi member gets the sound they want! beerchug.gif

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