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Man, these baby's got some really good audio.


You can find enough pictures on the net already.

I have actually 2 pairs of these. one is for sale and is without control talk. Because after having the first pair 3 days i decided to upgrade to the control talk version because i love the button control it has for my iphone.


The sound quality on these things are nice, but very different depending on eartips.

I would recommend to take like an hour to listen to all tips.


My conclusions are, but are probaly different at other users:



Really comfortable and deep bass. Sacrifcing alot of treble.



simply dont sit nicely in my ears, removed without trying the audio on them.


Stock tips:

A mix of all. still fairly deep bass although not as big as the foamies.


Sony hybrid replacement tips:

Seems to be a mix of all, wich i personally enjoy the most. Although sound isolation is greatly sacrified.


(if you got more tips i would need to try please tell me! :) my best choice would be the most bass and isolation without sacrificing the rest)


Compared to other in earphones....

i owned the klipsch image S4i wich i really found awful(shrill)

I also owned the soundmagic MP21 wich was pretty good but had terrible build quality.

Also had the nuforce NE-7M wich was really awesome with its mids and high's but really lacked bass of any kind.



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