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Guide me through the journey of becoming an audiophile!

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Thank you all for reading this in advance. Simply put, recently I've been getting into music more and more. Enjoying it, and really connecting with music. The two main sources I've been listening to music are my MacBook Pro (Late 2011) and iPad 2, paired with some uncomfortable Hesh Skullies.
It's time for an upgrade and with my birthday dawning, the is the perfect oppunrnity. I'm relying on each one of your knowledgable audiophiles to help me out. I live in New York City, listening to music on the trains, buses, at home, high school once and a while. My commute is where I mostly listen to my music. From what I understand, it's best for me to get headphones with great isolation, and stellar sound quality. I want to pair them with a fantastic DAC, or amplifiers as well, to achieve the best quality. I have a couple of headphones in mind. My budget is below 300$. I listen to a small variety of music. Mostly progressive house, electro house, trance/dance, but my two main loves are Dubstep and Indie. I need a pair of cans that can handle the dope sounds of UKF, but also be balanced enough to showcase my love for Indie & Rock bands such as Foster the People, The Killers, We Were Promised Jetpacks, just to name a few. I was thinking about these, what do you think!

Pioneer HDJ-2000/1500
V-Moda Crossfade LP
Senheissers HD 598/ 25-1 II

(I've listened to the ATH-M50's, bulky, make my ears sweat)

Can you give me more suggestions. Again, great isolation, stylish, works well with iPads/MacBooks. My budget for the headphone is below 300$, and the DAC/Ampilifer will follow. My main concern is the headphone for now. Weight isn't a problem, my head is averaged sized, on my commute my iPad stays in my bag so a decent cable will be needed. I like to listen loud. I want a conversation piece but a powerhouse at the same time. Please tell me what you think!
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The HD-25 I II meet all your requirements. Nice isolation, fast, punchy bass and nice looking IMO. 

For a few bucks more you can have the amperiors, its just another level of sound. 


Welcome to head-fi Btw. 

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Thank you so much for replying so quickly Fabio-fi! I went to this store called "B & H" to try the Sennheiser HD-25 I II. They are comfortable but more on-ear headphones. I like the style of them. The amperiors are a mint more, but practically the same size. I want a pair of cans with the sound quality of the Sennheisers, but bigger. I've taken interest in the Pioneer HDJ-1500/2000's but I'm afraid I won't be able to drive them well enough for iPad/Mac. thanks for your input! But I pose another question. What headphones for the 300 bucks and below price range, I can drive them well with a DAC/AMP? Or, what would be the best portable DAC/AMP for those pair of Pioneers. FiiO E5/E7? Thanks so much!
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"Welcome to Head-Fi! Sorry about your wallet"


And this is in the wrong section.


Try IEMs?

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