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Best Value Over-ear Headphones + Portable Amp Combination

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Just found this website as I was searching for reviews on Over-Ear headphones and portable headphone amps. I am currently looking to upgrade my portable listening experience. I have saved up about $600 to use between a new set of over-ear headphones and a portable amp to be used with an iPhone/iPod Touch.


What advice could you give me? My old pair of headphones was a set of 2nd-generation Bose Noise-Canceling Headphones, but they have since experienced the wear and tear of many years of use.


Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


- Alex

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I guess another question would be if I need a DAC as well. Again, I appreciate the help and thoughts.

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Portable amp - Fiio e17


its very popular on these forums and one of the best portable amps from what I have read, it also have a built in DAC so you're killing 2 birds with one stone.


(im doing extensive research myself on this as im looking for pretty much the same thing and have roughly the same budget)

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There are only two current market external portable dacs for iPhone/iPod - both are quite expensive (all of your $600 budget), so I wouldn't bother with that UNLESS you are also going to be using this for USB computer audio. 


On a budget, I would look at the current FIIO products, as well as iBasso's - then spend the remaining money on the headphones you enjoy (there are a LOT of full size options in the $150-300 range that are worth your attention). You can do very well with $200-300 in closed portable headphone (Beyerdynamic DT1350, for instance), another $100 in the amp, and save the rest for a larger full-size open headphone.

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If you haven't already read Jude's Head-Fi guide, I would suggest you read it, it's an excellent concise review of a lot of the board favourites and big names in High Fidelity portable audio and will save you hours of reading numerous threads of debates on the subjective acoustic traits of said products...



I personally like FiiO's amp/DACs myself, they are good value for money and while I don't have the E17, it has gotten some excellent reviews and has been called the flagship of their lineup.

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