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So I recently decided to get some new prescription glasses (my contacts are really starting to bother my eyes with irritation).

I have a pair of typical black rim ray-bans and decided to go a little more funky. Went ahead and got something more retro-looking. 

While at the store I eyed some "Gandhi looking" round specs and thought it was so cool I ended up googling what different specs could look like and wow...


Looks like headphones are not the only superficial thing people obsess over lol:

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Oakleys all the way

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I hate my current frames. I'll be getting a new set fairly soon though. I like my frames simple, and matte. 

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I like TAG Heuer frames.

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I use a couple of different pairs of Silhouette glasses.  I like the rimless ones:

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I got a pair of these a year and a half ago. They're my favorite set of frames I've ever gotten, though they did hurt the space behind my ears a bit for the first few days (picture links to the design's page):



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Some pretty avant-garde frame designs in the collection, from Grotesque Frame:


MODO is a pretty huge brand that seems to offer frames for every theme, from modern to retro.

post #8 of 10 currently wearing insiders. not recommended if you wear iem's with behind the ear cables. i have 2 pairs from dita eyewear.
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I wear $30 eyeglasses. Get what you pay for, though only significant issue in many months  was the screw connecting the nosepad falling out. Had to buy a generic screw as replacement, quite big.

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You can get the glasses from the matrix without the arms, they are pretty awesome forgot where I found them buy you could just google it.

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