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jvc ha-fx700 leaks sound?

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Dear Head Fi,

I have heard that the jvc ha-fx700 are open back iems, so does that mean people around me would hear my music? If so how bad?


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These IEMs are open back but they only allow air to increase bass impact like subwoofer. The lows goes very deep and reverb on FX700, they fairly don't leakout sound and only if they are not sealed good.

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so the jvc ha-fx700 are know for a more bass heavy iem am i correct?

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Yes they are more of a bass-heavy IEM. They don't isolate that well either so not ideal for a noisy environment. If you enjoy a V-shaped sound they are excellent IEMs.

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ok thanks, might reconsider before buying ths iem...

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Yes they leak.
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haha yes they definitely do, but they sound incredible. Amazing timbre, best bass around. Perfect for POP. Great without additional power too! Too bad I have to sell mine :( need cash for chistmas

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