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So I see a bunch of these posts but nothing exactly specific to what I'm looking for.  I will be using these for work 5+ hours a day for sure.  Comfort is key!!  I know this is the portable headphones forum but that's not totally key, just need to be able to throw them in my bag when I go home.  Price range $150 or less, but since I use them soo much I'd be willing to go up to $200.  Like I said, not interested in an amp at this point in time.  Not huge on needing tons of bass, I like a lot of music, but I'd say the breakdown goes something like:

30% Acoustic

30% Pop

25% Film Score

15% Rock


So initially I was interested in the AKG 450's/460's, they seem to be extremely polarizing, but I'm wondering if the people who trash them never gave them time to burn in, as that seems to be absolutely necessary for these to reach potential. 


I then started reading about KRK 8400 which seems to get rave reviews, but I'm not sure if they are portable at all, or if they require an amp.  Other's that I've looked at are the Creative Aurvana Live, but sounds like they don't isolate from outside noise well at all.  Ultrasone DJ1, although sounds like they are really bass heavy, again not sure if they work well without amp, and Shure 440.


Totally open to new suggestions, but again comfort is key, I'd like them to not look very goofy, no amp and $200 absolute max.


Thanks all in advance for your help!!!