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Thanks a lot for all the advice guys wink.gif
Actually, I can feel tight bass in most of music genre with ER4. But like I said, I can't hear any very low sub bass for EDM genre like electro house, dubstep, trouse..etc. Even bass boosting in Eq is not enough. and also my goal is for mixing, so bass boosting Eq or amp is not an option for me. Although Im not a basshead, ER4 is not enough bass for that genres and Imo Er4 is only accurate for mid and high cos Im sure afrojack, SHM didn't produce that kindda thin bass in what we hear from ER4. I mean, Er4 can't produce bass for what actually in the mix altho it's detail are crystal clear.

And I understand, 200$ price range can't get what I need but I can't spend over 1000$ IEM yet this time. So I decided to change my budget to 300$ - 500$.
Please advice me again mates! Btw this forum is really helpful and informative. I learned alot abt headphones here smily_headphones1.gif

So I need Iem 300-500$ range with,

- accurate frequency respond including bass
- need to comfort wearing
- im gonna use it for both mixing and general listening

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WESTONE4.. or  GR07 MK11

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With that new budget you might as well get a custom IEM (theres quite a few under $500). 

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My sister has the Etymotic and I have the Westone 4R and I would say go for it, it's got great clarity and (for me anyway) more than enough bass. The only downside as people have pointed out is the cost of the W4R

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As a owner/lover of both the W4s and ER4Ps, just no. Everyone has to stop ignoring the OP's requests.

1. Sub-bass, the W4s do not have an abundance of. It rolls off. Not as much as the Etys, but around 30-40Hz or so.

2. Clarity. The W4s have a mid-bass hump. There is a slight veil. Compare with something like the PFE232s, and even, yes, the Etys, they lose out. 

They fit the comfort criteria, I'll give it that.


The Atrios that were recommended before seem to be a good compliment, you should look into that. Maybe IE80s too. IEMs generally don't have tons of sub-bass, but Customs might. They definitely should fit the comfort criteria, and there are a lot of budget customs, when you factor in shipping and impressions, that should barely fit under $500. 

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If price not an issue then Denon AH-|C400, Sony EX1000, GR01 come close to ER4P in producing highs with greater bass impact.

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