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Got my hands on the Denon D2000 recently. So amazing. The bass and sub bass on these are just stunning.

If you like that beats style but better sound with great clarity and balance, get the Noontec Zoro. They are pretty new in the market but is a great deal and deserve a good following.
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I use my D2000 pretty much anywhere. They don't need an amp. They are lightweight and have shown good durability for the past year I've had them. The only thing I could complain about was the long length of cable. Also I recommend getting a used D2000 from the sale forums here. It will be around $200-250 usually.


To each is own, although I find them fine for travelling around.

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It should be noted that the D2000 are discontinued and that drives the price up due to their popularity.
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Do we really need this thread every week?

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