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Looking to replace my HD595

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Long story short, I had them for many many years and they are breaking apart. I love them so much though.


I have a bit of money, around $400 for a new pair of headphones so I am looking for something a bit more high-end.


I was thinking between HD600 and HD650. I mostly listen to pop, rock even though I listen to a bit of everything and I also play games... I kinda want something that is just right, just the way the song was recorded, nothing artificial that shouldn't be there.


I have a laptop, G73JW. I have no amp, yet. I will be getting one in the future but just not "right now". My laptop drives the HD595 fine so I wonder if the higher end models will work well too.


If there is anything better out there than the sennheiser, please let me know. I heard about the K701, Q701 etc... I don't know how they compare to the HD600/HD650.



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Have you considered the Senn HD598? They are supposed to be the successors of the 595, so they're the obvious place to start.

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Senn HD598 are great and really easy to drive (no need for amp). But my vote goes for Hifiman HE-400. Although they need some amping but Fiio E17 have enough power to drive them. I sure that Senn HD600/HD650 would be great too.

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How do they compare to the HD600/650? Eventually I may get an amp. (Unless of course, I end up with the HD598, I probably wont even have to buy anything to drive them).


Also, I read around and the K701 seems popular and similar to HD600/650 when it comes to quality, correct? That would also be easier to drive?



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All of the cans that you are listed need an amp. 

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There is tons of reviews and comparisons. Just use search button :)



This is good comparison of gaming headphones: (no HD600/650 though)



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