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Westone 4R or Logitech TF10

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So i've currently got the logitech triple fi 10 however suffered the damaged amapture problem.


Anyway the story is this I have contacted logitech they have accepted the earphones being faulty, They have said they would either issue me a full refund at purchase price or send me a new pair.


So now Im thinking of upgrading earphones to the westone 4r would it be worth upgrading to or would it be best to stick to the TF10 or are there any other headphones you guys would recommend?

I have a high interest n R&B, Dance Well literally anything with a vibe.


I am also currently waiting for Chris_himself to send me a hybrid cable so any earphones that would work with the cable would be preferred


and Also if anyone in the UK wishes to purchase the replacement headphones from me for a reasonable price £100~ + P&P please PM me so I can consider which option to take from logitech.


Live in the leeds southwest area if you want to pick up, can also post to USA or EUROPE but be advised of additional P&P charges, paypal is acepted.


know this shouldnt be here but better than cluttering up the forum :)


Thanks in Advance for all your help guys

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Have to say, there are many other threads already with possible answers for you, but since I have both I would answer you this way... I lost my TF10 s and purchased W4Rs withe the insurance money plus the difference. Because my wife has a set TF10s I can still listen to them and they are definitely different sounding phones.

They are both great. The V shaped sound of the TF10 is well documented and suits some music listening whereas the W4R is more neutral but certainly not flat as they still have solid bass. There seems to be a slight dip in some treble frequencies but I only notice this if I swap between them and play the same music. I am 60 and have some high frequency hearing loss so the forward treble of the TF10 actually suits me, but there is no doubt that for me the recessed mids work against them too.

So I prefer the W4Rs but its not like this is a night and day difference. Frankly, if you can afford the difference in cost, maybe they are worth the extra, but if you were happy before with the TF10s and have Chris's cable coming, I'd be inclined to get them again. Because of the different sound shape you might find you like them better. Best if you can audition them.
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