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I do not use my 250 Ω headphones with the FiiO E11 (as I do not have an E11, in case you wonder why), but even if I did, I would need more convincing arguments to "scale up" than condescending and snobbish remarks like what is quoted above. Would you be willing to prove the inadequacy of the E11 to drive such headphones in a level matched blind test against a more powerful amplifier that meets all objective criteria of being transparent ?

By the way, I am aware, as indicated right from the beginning, that it might not be enough for everyone and with every type of music, but when it is not, it is simply an issue of not being able to reach a sufficient level of loudness without audible distortion, rather than an inherent lack of bass, sound stage, or whatever other nonsense. Maybe the general sound quality of the E11 could be better, but that is not something that specifically affects high impedance headphones.


I see you still avoid discussing the topic in Sound Science. Does that indicate a lack of confidence in your argumentation ?


I apologize for the attitude. Had a busy week all along, so I kept writing things with my ego rather than with my head.


As for the rest of it, I'll open a new thread in Sound Science so that we can continue this discussion there.


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Let's have a more civil discussion there. smily_headphones1.gif

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