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Wanted: Please Help: Ortofon e-Q7 Recable Required

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Please Help: Ortofon e-Q7 Recable Required

Will Ship To: Anywhere

As per the title, my e-Q7 requires a recable, and I'm looking for someone with experience, capable of performing the task at a reasonable price. The current stock cable is perfectly in-tact, and they do produce sound from both channels, but the sound is COMPLETELY distorted and fuzzy.


To anyone experienced and qualified, willing to undertake the above task, please PM me. Thank you kindly.

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Get the removable cable mod and be done with stock cables and all that nonsense. Better yet, get BTG's sunrise IEM cable along with the mod. Fixed for a cool $100 with a swank new cable...or just fixed for $35 and use with your favorite removable cable. I've contemplated getting this done for my Fischer Silver Bullet (which are great but have awful strain relief). I'll probably do this once the cable fails!


Disclaimer: NOT ASSOCIATED WITH BTG AUDIO, but have heard many good things about their services

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Try Brian at BTG Audio.  He recables IEMs a lot.


EDIT: Just saw the post above.  Great minds think alike...

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Thank you for the suggestion, fellas. Unfortunately, Brian of BTG informed me that he isn't able to be of assistance, as he is not familiar with the e-Q7. frown.gif

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Sounds like dying drivers, not a dying cable.
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