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For Sale: Audio-Technica ATH-W1000 Sovereign

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Audio-Technica ATH-W1000 Sovereign

Will Ship To: USA

Up for sale are some stunning Audio-Technica ATH-W1000 Sovereigns. Flawless cosmetic and functional condition!


Includes original box and all accessories/documentation.


Purchased new by me from an authorized dealer.


VERY little use on these.  My headphone interests went elsewhere (LCD-2) and these unfortunately just really never got used.


Asking $395 (shipping not included, add 3% paypal if not gift).


-- Buy with confidence from a longtime headfier. PM me for contact info if you want to discuss this item. Legitimate offers from active members are welcome!



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PM sent

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PM replied.



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These are now "sold pending funds" congratulations to Audiomania2.


I will update this listing accordingly when the deal formally closes.



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Previous buyer backed out of the deal without explanation.


These are now back up for sale!



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Had a very nice audition at my place today, and as a result the W1000 are now SOLD (pending funds) to ME.  No additional offers.  Will formally close this listing after final payment.



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close the listing man, don't waste people's time

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Listing will promptly close when the transaction is complete.



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I have been holding these headphones for a local head-fier.  Unfortunately his family has had a medical crisis with massive bills and it might be quite a while before he can justify non-essentials.  We have mutually agreed to put the W1000 back up for sale.



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So I had to actually back out of buying these headphones due to a family emergency.


But since I had the time to check them out in person, I'll post my impressions. These are like the rest of the full sized w series headphones, they are not super light, but sit on your head very comfortably. Since they are overear they do not sit on your ear nor give any type of unpleasant pressure. There is a very slight heft of the headphone being there but it is not unpleasant. It can be used for hours at a time without fatigue.


The sound signature of these are unique since they are woodies like the w3000 and w5000. They do not have the detail of the w3000 (nor should you expect it to) but the level of detail is still astounding. Works very well for classical, orchestral and techno (fast paced music). D &B work pretty well. but bass is not overpowering (an advantage in my opinion)  Voices and vocals as well as treble is not as pronounced, they meld with the music making it one uniform set, unlike the w3000 which brings treble and voices upfront, or the w5000 which bass makes the vocal and treble less pronounced. Heavy metal would not work well with these, but progressive and classic rock works particularly well.  Those who prefer bass heavy signatures would best look elsewhere, but for those who want pronounced mids, and trebles with a neutral bass response, this would be something that would be worth looking into.


The headphones condition are in a word - pristine. They are in impeccable condition,and have no wear at all that I could find. Since I listened to these at the DIY station with very powerful lighting, I would have noticed any blemishes or wear immediately. No scratches or scruffs on woods or any part of the headphones.


Those interested should probably jump on this one, I doubt you'll see one of these in this type of condition anytime again.

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Where in the SF bay are you located?

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Originally Posted by heyalbert View Post

Where in the SF bay are you located?


Palo Alto, just off of 101.  PM me if you want to arrange something.



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Added more pics of the box.


These need a good home!



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still relevant?

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