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My HiFiMan RE-262's arrived today. I ordered them Sunday I think, so four days, I'm happy with that. Anyways, I opened them up and plugged into my iPhone4 and gave them a listen. Right off the bat the right side was muted, very recessed. I messed with positioning and still no good. I have an ear ache so at first I thought my ear was just clogged (ear infection, Dr. appointment tomorrow). I switched sides and was loud and clear in my right ear, so it's the earphones that are the issue, not my ears. I listened to them for about 30 minutes anyways and it was quite irritating having one side so recessed, but I still wanted to check these things out. 


I go in to town and I had the earphones with me. I stopped at Best Buy to see what they had as far as DAP's since I am in the market for a new one. They had several on display, so I figured I use my new IEM's to test them out. I tried three...a Samsung 3.6, a Sansa Fuse+, and an E-series Sony Walkman. Same issue but worse. It ranged from muted and crackling on the right to no sound at all. Left work fine. So now I am pretty PO'ed. I call Head-Direct and tell them about it, they said fill out the appropriate internet form and send them back. So whatever. I finish up in town, bought some 9v batteries for the new cMoy I got in the mail today as well, and went home. After getting home, I hooked up the cMoy and gave them a listen with a different set of cans. Sounds great. I figured might as well try out the left side of my new IEM's. Plugged them in, which proved difficult. For some reason, the plugged didn't want to insert all the way in to the jack. VERY tight whereas my Fischers went in with no problem. Finally got it all the way in, both sides are playing at full volume and great with no crackling. What the hell?


So now I am wondering, is it a cable issue, an issue with the actual ear piece, or a plug issue? Could it possibly even be that for some reason, there wasn't enough juice to power them from my iPhone or the other DAP's I tried? I'm at a loss here. As long as they keep working, I'll keep them over the weekend since I wanted them for my trip up to the WVU game on Saturday. I'll decide after that if I want to send them back or not. They do have a one year warranty, but if they are already having any issues at all, I hate to hang on to them.




Oh, and sorry so long winded.




Nevermind. Seems the issue was me. Not my ears but the fact that I am stupid. I just found out with the help of a member on here (THANKS!!!! stozer123) that the "extension" that came with the IEM's were actually adapters and that one of them was needed to allow the earphones to work in my iPhone. I feel stupid, but relieved there isn't actually an issue...haha


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