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For Sale: FS: Bowers & wilkins P5

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For Sale:
FS: Bowers & wilkins P5

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling these beauties, saving up for a home setup with my D5000 and possibly getting some IEMs for my Bday.


These have been bought last year july, and still have a years warranty, comes with only one cable (the one with a mic) BUT THIS ONE DOES WORK WITH OTHER PHONES (also works with portable amps would recommend the PA2V2 good combination.) 

If outside UK please tell me where and i will find out how much the shipping is. 

Would highly recommend these for travelling I also did a review.

These are a barely worn pair since I got them repaired by B&W because of my stupidity can ask what happened if you want.


Also UK shipping I will probably do for a very low cost, paypal accepted but will discuss that on purchase.


Thank you for your time! 


Also if you want I can throw in the PA2V2 for some extra money but thats if you want, also cant be bothered to put pics up of it unless you request it. 

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For Sale: £375 (GBP)
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Price reduction

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