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My mini-x came in today. Gave it a listen using my LCD 2.2. I'm glad to report there's no humming until 1 o'clock on the Emotiva whether a source is attached or not. Maybe I'm just lucky in getting a non-humming unit or my power is clean. 


So far, I'm getting good results using a Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11 as the DAC. I'm surprised more folks haven't given this pairing a spin yet. The tube output on this DAC helps me dial in the proper listening levels. With DAC direct out, the dial on the Emotiva is too crude. A small turn on the dial brought the volume from pleasant to ear shattering quickly. Testing multiple sources, I prefer the tube output to DAC direct out, SS out, and my Schiit Modi. To be fair, I usually prefer a tube sound. The other options made the treble slightly glaring in a unpleasant way. It remains to be seen if I prefer this to my Asgard 2. I'll keep my optimism in check. 


I plan on making some 1/4" female to speaker cables using Mogami and Canare cables. Then mixing in some tube rolling to find an ideal combination for this sytem. Fingers crossed for good results.


For Sale: AKG K701 Balanced with Mogami Cable and Dual Neutrik XLR 

For Sale: DNA Sonett Tube Amp - Balanced with dual XLR and adapter for single ended use 

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