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Are there any other earbuds out there with a nozzle that points into your ear like an iem?


I really love this about the earpods, and I'm surprised no other companies seem to have capitalized on this.

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Sony has something similar with the STH30. Haven't tried them yet though I am interested.
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I got iphone 6 and just casually I tried it with earpods without any expectation as I thought built-in earphones are crap. But to my surprise I liked it so much that I kept my favourite Brainwavz M2 side and started using earpod as my main driver. Something is missing in IEMs which this earpod has, don't know what exactly


But only con is my ear is hurting a lot (may be my ear is small and earpods are designed with an average american ear in mind)


I have ordered earskinz just to see if its comfortable

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Try the Earskinz with a foam cover over the top.  It'll help with fit, comfort, and bass response (due to better seal)

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Originally Posted by DooberKnob View Post

Are there any other earbuds out there with a nozzle that points into your ear like an iem?

I really love this about the earpods, and I'm surprised no other companies seem to have capitalized on this.

Bose IE2 - still widely available at SAMs Club and Costco for around $100.
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I remember owning a pair of Bose earphones a while back before I knew about hifi. I liked them a lot until the cord broke but I'm not sure what I would think of them now. It would be funny if after all my headphones research I went back to Bose.

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These Apple Earpods have saved my life...


I recently bought the Sony Walkman NWZ-A15 for the storage and battery life to replace my old Walkman A1818. For me the A1818 had the most perfect sound for standard IEM's (Sennheiser MX365 I was using). Using custom EQ settings it sounded so authentic and well balanced. So I essentially wanted an A1818 with the new battery life and storage,


However I was disappointed when the sound was not like the A1818 at all. There was no bass at all and it sounded tinny, overly coloured and overly bright, not authentic sounding at all. Custom EQ's did not help, with bass to the max the bass was still not coming through. The player was perfect except for the sound. So began the hunt for new IEM's. How could I possibly know what would replicate the sound of the A1818 from reading reviews though? I was frustrated. Then I remembered I have recently got an IPhone 5S. I think they came with ear buds, let me give them a try and see what it sounds like. I was immediately blown away. They have made my A15 sound the A1818. I was over the moon. The bass is incredible yet the treble and crispness of the drums comes through. It's balanced and authentic sounding...just what I wanted. I have turned down the mids on the custom EQ, treble and bass up to max. Now I have been listening to my new A15 for  hours. It is now a joy to behold thanks to these Apple Earpods. I shall be buying a few more pairs of these, well worth the £25 for what they have made my A15 sound like. I have been using them while driving and yes you have to  turn the volume up but I can still hear the music perfectly.


In a nutshell - NWZ-A15 paired with Apple Earpods...pure aural heaven. It sounds how music is supposed to sound.


Now I know people will say I can get expensive IEM's that will give better sound. But to me the sound I am getting out of these Earpods is 100% satisfying to me. Why risk buying expensive ones when you never know what they will sound like.


Thank you Apple for the way you have made these sound...I would always have been wishing that my A15 sounded like the A1818....now I'm  listening to it with a smile on my face.

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This is what I'm hearing on these bad boys:


Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks

The bass is taking over your entire aural spectrum yet the treble is also there and shines through. You are surrounded by sound. It's huge!


Foster The People - Helena Beat

The hand claps are pure aural tingling pleasure.


Dave Matthews Band - #41

The bass is pumping, it's driving the song. The cymbals crash through the air with shimmering delight. The snare drum cuts through you making it impossible to keep still while listening to this song. You can feel the rhythm on every strum of the guitar, you can feel it so much you can literally taste the wood the guitar is made of. The sound bounces around with utter grace and pure musicality.


Hole - Malibu

This sounds so clean you could literally eat your dinner off it. I can hear every single bass note vibrate. The guitars sound so smooth and breathable.


Blink 182 - After Midnight

The snare drum cuts through you like an ice cold drink on a hot day, it echoes as if Travis Barker is playing right in front of you.


Death Cab for Cutie - No Room in Frame

When the bass kicks in it chugs and chugs in the background like a train peacefully passing through the countryside catching glimpses of sunlight through the windows.


Florence and the Machine - Only If For a Night

The sound effects in the verse click vibrate and echo with such detail and feel that you really appreciate the subtleties of a well produced detailed recording like this.


Pearl Jam - Go

Sounds so live yet so perfect! The tonal balance and power behind every note is exceptional. If this was a tree you'd be able to feel the texture of the wood. The trebles on the highs shine without being blinding...the guitar solo could not sound any better, it glides through the air with intent and purpose.


In essence...these earpods make you feel every note and every sound effect while presenting the song in a huge, balanced, generous and pleasant way full of life and energy


The trebles glisten, shine and cut through the music. They do not distort or strain.


The bass makes you wonder if you have just have earbuds in. The bass is present in a way it rarely is on earphones, It is not boomy or bass heavy...the bass is there as it should be...vibrates in a clean and controlled way...it does not overpower anything else, it compliments and lays down the foundations for everything else to flourish. It is warm and not tinny yet  the trebles are still huge!!!!


I have lowered the mids on my EQ, it's personal preference. With the lower mids music sounds more human and authentic to me. Prefer more of a black and white sound than adding colour. The natural colour is on the original recording.


So yeah I'm pretty pleased with them :)

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My mom picked up an iPad Mini a couple months ago. She has a pretty odd shape to her inner ear, so the included Earpods give her serious ear aches. She loves the sound, but can't use them for very long. Given my obsession with earphones, she asked me to take a listen and suggest a full-sized over-ear headphone with a similar sound. 


I was thinking to myself, "Oh boy....Earpods. Pretty much anything I suggest will sound better than these." I only listened to a couple songs, but damn, I'm eating my words right now. They were much, much better than I ever imagined they would be. Just a solid, clean sound. On top of that they were exceptionally comfortable.


I seriously debating picking up a pair now. Never expected that thought to cross my mind...

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STH30 looks really appealing to me right now...although I have the Z5...

These earpod designs are so comfortable

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Got myself some of those Earskinz everyone was talking about, and I'm impressed.  They provide a much better seal and snug fit for the earpods, and as a result the sound quality is improved quite a bit I find.


A really great way to pimp the earpods, for anyone yet to try,

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