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A two-thumbs up for Apple in developing and introducing the EarPods! This is probably the milestone for quality and value, and I am so glad they did something that is appreciated by so many. (minus the isolation part but doesn't really matter?)


Let's face it, the design of the EarPods weren't the first by Apple, there were other similarly designed earbuds (like some Philips and JVCs), but it is definitely an innovation that brought excitement and enjoyment over frustration and disappointment.


Good job Apple!

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These have become my favorite headphones. They cant really isolate but that doesnt stop me from using them in public, and the mids are just so open and airy. They actually remind me of an open can headphone like an HD600 with more midbass but no sub. Obiously not as good but when you adjust to listening to them, iems sound bloated and caved in. Cant believe i like them, honestly.

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Cant believe i like them, honestly.


I can't believe people don't like them...or think they don't like them (because they are Apple and there must be no way in hell they are good :rolleyes:).


I have too way too many headphones so these don't get too much head time...but when I do use them I really enjoy the sound they produce.

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I have had a few really high end headphones and IEMS that have been returned for being not adequate for the money, but i dont even feel like the sound quality jump from these to BA200's or Gratitudes is large. The bass dosent hit the same way but in some way i feel the music is being more accurately represented. 

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Whenever my friends are wearing earpods(and they know I'm an audiophile), they ask me what I think about earpods. They expect me to say it's crap, because it's a stock iem. Nonetheless, I always say they are actually good, because they are. They are a huge leap over the earbuds apple had, and a fair match with stock samsung iems, which are dual driver iems.

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These are better than I expected, but they are not worth listening to. Wide soundstage for an in-ear and a clear sound, but with cheap sounding mids and no low bass. Just listen to any music with violins, chellos or massed strings (real or sampled), they have a waa-waa nasally whine to their tonality like most low quality transducers. The free IEMs that come with the HTC One are much better than these, having a solid & clear midrange and strong low bass extension. It looks like Apple was trying to emulate the K701 sound signature, including the 2k hump & wide, sparkly presentation, but missed the mark due to terrible bass and mids.
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When I forget to bring my headphones out with me, I just grab these from my car, and together with a ZO 2.3 which is also permanently charged in my car, they can satisfy me for a couple of hours or more. The best thing about earpods too is that they are so easy to put in and take out. IEMs etc are too messy for casual listening.
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I love these too.  Wish they came in a color other than white!

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