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If anyone is interested in transforming these to something drastically better soundwise take a look at what Dirac's DSP does with these earphones.

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I have to say I'm really really impressed with these new earpods.

They're better than a lot of stuff I have. Won't replace the UM3Xs but they're putting some other big brands to shame.

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i said when i got my ibasso dx100, maybe i will give them a try. i already got my dx100 and im now using my ultimate ears trifi10 with it, maybe one day i will actually get the earpod and do a comparison... should be fun... but 30 bucks for the earpod? kinda... expensive...

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I put these in a drawer when I first got my new phone.  They would just flip out of my ears.  This thread caused me to rethink and mod a little.


First, I took a pair of the large silicon tips from some MEE buds (will never use the large tips anyway) and cut out the middle part (the part that holds onto the earbud).  Then I slid them over the end with the front-facing port, pulling them over and downwards so they don't cover either the front facing or the direct port, but cover a little of the plastic lip: 



When in my ears the bottom silicon grips my ear a little bit, and they don't fall out as easily.


The second issue I had was that the front port wouldn't embed enough in my ear to give any bass (I know these aren't IEMs, but it sounds really thin to me).  Solution in this cold weather is to wear these under some 180s.   Fit is perfect and sound is enhanced.


Just some thoughts for those who have been frustrated with these.

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I wanted to add a little something to this thread, so here's a nice treat. 


Here's the frequency response chart for the Ear Pods






As you can see, these are more neutral than you'd think. Also, they have quite a bit of Mid-Bass but really lack sub-bass - I can't hear the bass drums in Barbossa is Hungry on the Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack. 


For the price, though, they sound amazing. :)

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I'll never understand how people can use ear buds without pain after a short time, they are so uncomfortable for me.

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I owned a triple fi before and currently using UE11 as my primary iems. Was getting the earpods because of the interesting form. And surprise surprise they are actually ok,,
Oh but well its not fair to compare it to customs so i'll say that this might be one of the best earphones you can get for its price, in fact i've been buyin extra pairs for my girl and her sister. And they both lovin it!
Not the best earphone but i think it is safe tp say that it is a decent one..
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The only reason I haven't thrown my 3 pairs straight into the bucket is in case I ever sell or trade one of my iPods.


The sound they produce is very poor.

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you should try mh1 then.

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I do enjoy these headphones for walking around in public. They sound quite good, even if their midbass and mid highs are a bit overemphasized. The fact is they are a great pair of headphones for the price, and I find that the inline controls are the catalyst that keep me coming back to these as my around-town phones. 

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I really like them. I use them when I am at work or when I am out and don't want to bring my HD650s and Fiio E17 with me. They fit my ears perfectly and tend not to fall out. 


I used to bring my HD650s to work but found myself turning up the volume to the point where I couldn't hear the phone ringing, so I opted to use the earpods are I can listen to them at a decent volume and still head the phone ring. 


They really are a far cry from the god awful earbuds that they have sold for the past 10+ years. 

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Foamies... get some and really enjoy the ear pods.  Someone on this thread recommended trying foam bud covers and they really do provide just enough seal to improve the sound - and they are very comfortable.  I was skeptical... not any more.

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These earpods are great for the $20 i paid for them excepting the lack of nc

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Have been meaning to pick up a pair for times when I don't want to beat up the TF10s (especially the cables) or get them dirty, such as working out, or sleeping.  Tried them out the other day, and immediately was shocked by how good they were.  So I'm thinking of getting a pair.  Has anybody tried sleeping in them?  I feel like they sit far enough inside that they actually are inside the external line of my ears.  I feel like these might be the perfect option for this scenario.

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I slept with them with no problem smily_headphones1.gif
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