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Torchlight 2: Anyone Else Playing It?

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Anyone else here enjoying Torchlight 2? I was a huge Diablo 2 fan, but just can't get motivated to play Diablo 3 based on lackluster reviews.


I hugely enjoyed the original Torchlight and that enjoyment has carried over to the sequel. Its lots more of a good thing. Already have a Level 30 Outlander and am just starting an Engineer (both on Normal).


Surprised I haven't seen any other RPG fans here talking about this.

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Yeah I'm playing it - enjoying it much more than D3, items are.. actually USEFUL :D


Any idea on what each of the difficulty ratings are like? is it insta death on veteran ? :\

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Not really sure about the difficulty levels. All three of my characters are on normal right now. Enjoying it a ton there. My Outlander just made it to Act 3 and is about a level 38 now.

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With exams coming up soon, no time to play - enjoy it for me :<

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Me and my wife are loving this game, we've had the game for 3 days and I've raked in about 20 hours, her somewhere around 24. Very late night lan sessions are starting to take their tole though. I am having an absolute blast with my engineer, while she uses an outlander. I'm definitely more in the high dps part of the tree and rely on stun, with aegis of fate being my only passive defense. Onslaught stun followed by my spider mines catching up whilst i give them a beating regular_smile%20.gif

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I need to build my Engineer character up (levl 4 now). My Outlander is at level 42 right now about midway through Act 3, still having a great time with this game. What a great successor to Diablo 2.

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ugh I was playing a ton of T2 2 weeks ago and I had beaten the first playthrough.  I was doing some farming on the final boss but when I tried to load up my savefile the next day...it was corrupt.  I got the error blah blah blah the savefile is in ASCII you must save it unicode and it crashes.  Tried all the available fixes but none of them allowed me to resurrect my save files, so I haven't played the game since then with the fear that I'll spend so much time making another character only to have it corrupt on me.  Feels bad man 

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