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These Top 2012 Speakers, How?

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So I am considering changing out my Coby 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers with Sub-woofer system so not having any speaker knowledge I went to good old google and came across this site which I have used before in the past for software recommendation but what I saw left me some what baffled.


How did these http://computer-speakers-review.toptenr ... eview.html reach number 1 or how did they get into the top 10 period? What am I over looking?

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the top verdict is relative to the speakers they're compared to, which are all more or less in the same category and price bracket. if they're to be compared to more expensive speaker, for example, Audioengine A2, the Sony's would possibly be bettered in every single way. nothing to be baffled about.


waste of money either

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