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Hi all, I joined Head fi only recently and have never posted anything yet. I will be soon be getting a pair of T1s (upgrading from the HD 650s). I'm sure I will love them based on the reviews and what I've read on Head fi in the T1 appreciation thread. I have the Woo W2 and it was heavily modified so it sounds much better than a stock W2. Anyway, I was wondering if the cord that comes with the T1 is good enough or should I replace it with a higher end cord. I have upgraded all of my cables (ICs, speaker, and co ax) several times in the last year and they do make a very big difference in sound quality.

While I'm on this topic I will give a quick plug for the the cables I have settled on-they are some of the best cables you will hear- trust me. For ICs and speaker I use MG Audio and co ax Sablon Audio. They are both new companies, one and two man operations and their prices are very low compared to MIT, Nordost etc. And they are way better than these over priced companies. These cables literally transformed the sound of my system. They present the music as it was recorded, for better or worse, and there is a warmth to the sound but it is not colored. For what it's worth I have been a musician for 32 years, and I've done it for a living for about 17 years (I do 1-4 gigs just about every day of the week and of course often on weekends too) and I also engineer and produce. I mention this for credibility reasons, when it comes to sound I know what I'm talking about. Oh, I've been an audiophile for about 26 years.

Anyway, any input on the T1 cord would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Chris.