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KSC-35 convert with questions

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Well, it appears I'm growing a little stable of headphones. I happened to see a pair of '35's in a shop for reasonable money (e50.10, or about US$45, probably cheaper than having Headroom ship trans-Atlantic) whilst schlepping around my Senn 580s, so I bit.

There is, however, a small problem with the '35s. Because of the herd mentality that pervades hobbies such as audio, I had expected to find them little different from the '50s in any aspect. And sonically, it really is six of one, half-a-dozen of the other for me, with the '35s corresponding exactly to how I remembered the '50s sounding. However, the comfort factor is hugely different. The '35s do stay on much better (although I never had a problem with my '50s falling off at the gym, either, in all fairness), are lighter, and of course are visually much less obtrusive. So, I guess I'm a convert of sorts.

My only question is the durability of the clip. The materials don't exactly inspire confidence, with those little plastic parts and I'm pretty rough on things in general. (Especially things designed to be portable.) How how can I expect the clip to last. Days? (I've had them for six hours -- and have listened to music on them for three of those hours -- as I write.) Weeks? Months?


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The ksc35's clip is very strong and it should last years if not tens of years. Mine is more than two years and has replacement pads on it. Actually I tried to bend the plastic clip slightly (with heat) but no avail; they are too strong to change.
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I have had various pairs of KSC-35 over the past 5 or 6 years. I have yet to break a clip Usually something else happens -- like my cats chew through the cord
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