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HD25 now or M100 later?

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I am willing to either buy the HD25s now or wait for the m100s and get those later.


What do you guys think would be the better choice for a protable headset?


I really like the case that comes with the M100, and over ear > on ear for me.. But I'm worried that the M100s might be too expensive at something estimated at 300-400 USD...


200 USD is reasonable for me which is why the HD25s are so appealing.


It seems like both have Killer build quality. Both will have good sound quality aswell. Do you think the M100 will sound better than the HD25s? Is it worth  waiting to find out? 



What do you guys suggest would be the wiser investment? 

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The M-100 will be $300.  Why not also check out the M-80?

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Hmm, How would the M80 compare to the M100 sound wise? 

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Originally Posted by TopCaliber View Post

Hmm, How would the M80 compare to the M100 sound wise? 

Nobody here knows except perhaps for AnakChan!  There will probably be more impressions next week though, since that's when all of us who pre-ordered them will be getting them.


We are expecting for the M-100 to have a bit more of a bass boost and slightly more treble extension, but we don't know what it will actually sound like.

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