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I've only had it a few days! I'll call them on monday and see what they say,Thanks

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It was the position of the amp card, everything is GREAT now! Thanks for your help!

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No problem :).

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Originally Posted by EricHD View Post

Yes, we truly are.
Then give me a hand getting my HE-6 transaction completed please. It's been a month since they were returned and payment received.
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my RE-400 audio jack seems to be out of place, only the right side has audio, and will only complete both sides when i wiggle it around and hold it at that position, bought from head-direct

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Does Head-Direct handle Hifiman customer service if purchased from a third party?

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I always wondered about this as well....

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@ HiFiMan CS


I have the HE-6 and would like to know:

What is the foam and white fibres ("cotton") between the outside of the driver and the grill designed to do?


I expect some kind of tuning of the frequency response, control of the driver in the bass region or the like, but it would be interesting to know what Fang Bian actually had in mind, when he chose to put them there.



What would happen sonically if I remove the foam (but leave the fibres)?

What would happen sonically if I remove the fibres (but leave the foam)?

What would happen sonically if I remove both the fibres and the foam?

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@ Head-Direct / HiFiMan customer service:

Have you abandoned this thread entirely?
If not, please answer my 4 months old question, please.
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Yeah, I'd like to know the purpose of the foam as well. Is it to tame the treble or create a sense of soundstage off a flat panel or something else.
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