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My experience with Amy at Hifiman customer service has been exceptional. They have helped me as much as a company can possibly help with my HE-1000 and HE-6, going out of their way to solve problems and assist me. I have no qualms in recommending or dealing with their customer service. I for one would love it if all companies treated me like Hifiman does. Just saw this thread so I felt the need to mention my experience with them. I have not yet run into warranty issues, so I'm not sure how those are dealt with. 



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I agree..although i am not active on this thread..as i only would post on it if i had a question or problem..well..i have been using hifiman products for years (reason for my name here)..from lower end he300 to the most musical headphone i ever heard..the code-x, which is a uniquely modified original (Nos) HE5...never ever i had any problems with them with daily use except for clips getting loose once in a year or so...if u treat them well they last a long time..even my old sold stuff is still doing well i understand from the new owners....never ever needed warranty..but the distributors i buy their stuff from in europe have an excellent customer service if u have questions...just wanted to state this..

Didnt try the he1000 yet...so dont know the quality of that.. 😊
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Thank you for your positive comments.



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I recently had reason to utilize Hifiman's customer service and just wanted to thank them for their excellent service.



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The connector on my HE-560 cable broke. I've been trying to fix it and cannot. See attached photo.


Is there any way I can fix this? Am I missing a piece? I fear that a piece went missing when the connector broke. As it is now, I can slip the detached piece over the metal lip at the end of the cable, but it's not very secure. When I screw the connector back onto the headphone, the cable comes detached again rather quickly.


Is there a fix, or do I need a new cable?




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We've been told by massdrop that there is a delay on both the HE-350 headphones and the RE-00 IEMs due to delays from parts suppliers. What parts specifically are delayed that would be used for both of these different types of headphones?
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