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Hi there,


This isn't a direct issue with any product in particular. I was shipping a pair of my RE-600's back to China. They were part of an upgrade to a pair of HE-4 headphones, with me paying the difference (USD 450 -199). The package was returned by China customs and their form stated "received damaged/wet due to insufficient packing".


The IEMs along with a few tips and the cable winder were taken by the good folks at China customs and the box was returned. Here are some pictures, the box was clearly opened so the leather case could be pulled out, no wet patches on the outer box or damages to the case otherwise. Its the same packaging I received it in


Do you think there's anything that can be done? I know its quite hopeless to get anything done with customs across Asia, I've experienced it before but with cheaper items. The tracking number is RC634223944SG if it helps.


I take it that I just have to write these off as a distasteful incident. Can I go ahead and contact your customer service and pay the 199 that the RE-600s are worth and have them ship the HE4s out?




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please pm me your name, email address and shipping information. i will check it with our customer service. It is Chinese spring festival right now, so the process will delay a week.