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Great ideas, somebody get in touch with him, hopefully with some of the builders/manufacturers in the community as well. :)


Guys, we kind of need somebody to take the lead on this; pull interested people together and get things rolling (interested vendors, builders, manufacturers and local merchants are fairly easy to find and contact). It's not that scary, a few of hours of plannings the logistics of space rental, tables/chairs with wall power access is all it takes :) Rental costs area easily covered by entry fees, donations or raffles at the event.


I'm totally not opposed to hosting, in fact it's the easiest and most convenient for me in terms of transportation and logistics, I just want to push for community involvement in this fun part of the hobby. :) If somebody wants to set up a meet at a conference room, meeting room, hall, personal house, whatever; that would be awesome. :) We've had meets at Libraries, rented hotel meeting rooms, condo party rooms, basements of houses, pretty much any place available. :) Lets see what we come up with next! :)

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...there are lots of vacant/abandoned warehouses along the train tracks...maybe we can hold a meet in one of those?   


ps. j/k

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I'm super interested in this whole thing. I unfortunately can't offer up a venue as I live in a small apartment atm.


I'm actually gonna head to Headfoneshop this week for the first time. If I can scrounge up the courage I'll introduce myself as a head-fier and mention this thread, see what kind of involvement those guys can have in this meet.


Just keeping interest high so this doesn't fizzle out. I really hope someone comes forth with a venue. I'm jealous of all these other mini meets that keep popping up haha. 

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I am super down for any type of meet

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You can probably just book a room at University of Toronto St.George campus, theres a few study rooms that would probably work out ok for a meet. My favourite for those familiar with U of T is probably the study room on the third floor of Pratt Library. Great view and sits about 15+ people though it's not very large. 

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Unfortunately Pavel, you have found yourself situated at the perfect spot for hosting these things. You are at the end of the TTC line for us people in the city as well as far enough uptown that getting there isn't much of a pain for those who drive.


I would offer the party room of my condo but they are currently renovating it at this time.

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Currently, i dont own a car  so i am hoping that the meeting is around either  ttc  or downtown.

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The idea of booking a room on the U of T, St. George campus sounds like a good idea.

I would offer up the party room of my apartment building but it's fairly expensive to book out so it depends on the level of interest/willingness of ppl to pay a cover charge.

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I would be interested in a meet as well.

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Very interested in a meet.


Will bring:

Stoner Acoustic UD100 Dac - You really have to try this little thing, amazing what $52 can get you.


Bravo V2 amp - unmodded, but planning to do some basic mods once I have some time.

Heavily modded Fostex T50RP

Self made, woodied Magnum v3

Westone W3

Koss ESP-950

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I noticed the name changed from "Fall Toronto Meet" to "Upcoming" haha.



I won't have much to bring to the table, figuratively and literally, as I only have portable rigs. 

I'll have:



V-Moda M-100

(maybe) JVC HA-FXZ200


Digizoid ZO2.3


iPod Touch G3 (Loaded with 320s of dnb, classic rock, post metal and prog metal)

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Also interested!

Want to listen shure se535 and any westones. Bring my sennheiser ie60. All I've got :)~

Keep me in touch!

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Very interested in the v moda
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Looking into picking an iFi micro iUSB. Depending on when this meet happens I may have it in time if anyone is interested in testing the benefits of "clean" power with different USB DACs
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