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IC: Upcoming Toronto Meet

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Hey guys,


This thread is created for discussion of the next Toronto area Head-Fi meet. As always, it's a pleasure to see the regulars and some of the new comers to the Head-Fi community in Toronto and southern Ontario area.


Lets see what we can put together, open discussion welcome! :)



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Hey, lets get this thread going.  I'm looking forward to another meet - you never can have too many - I'm most definitely in.

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Would anyone be interested in later october? The 20th/21st would work very well for me. I am teaching a first aid course on the 13th/14th.


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Anyone else?

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Hi guys i'm new on the whole audiophile thing and i have 200 dollars to spend on IEMs. my final decision is between the GR07 mk2 or the DBA-02 mk2 but i couldn't decide which one is better for me because i've never heard them before, so if anyone who owns a pair of these headphone, i would really love to hear them myself.

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With the current response, the date has been removed for a general interest check. Check in if you're interested in another meet sometime this fall.


Bryan - as always, it would be great to meet for a drink and chat. :)


FightBrothers - welcome to the community, sorry for you wallet, but enjoy the music. ;)

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I'd definitely be up for one this time. :)

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Sounds interesting.

I have a set of DBA-02 MKII, I can bring it if I can make it.  If not, reach out to me, I can just bring it to you to try if you are around the downtown area during work hours.


I am bitten with the upgrade bug as well (well, more like sidegrade), looking to get my first set of electrostatics, ESP-950 or low grade Stax that I could afford.

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i've just gotten a jvc fxt90 at futurshop for 80 dollars and i'm going save rest of the money for something else but i would still love to hear the dba02. i'm still in school so the whole working hours schedule might not work out for me :/

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As always I am in, i won't be able to attend before november 5th.

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I'm IN!

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does anyone want to set this up?

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I am interested in coming, but I am coming from out of town.  Someone let me know the 411 of the next meet.  

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I wouldn't mind meeting some audiophiles, not to many out there.

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Sounds fun.  Keep me posted.

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