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CIEM isolation question

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Just wanna ask CIEM owners, say you put on your CIEMS and leave them in without being connected to anything. Now play some sounds/music through your desktop speakers, Is there any difference in the level of isolation (the volume from the speakers) when you open or close your mouth?


I'm finding the external music softer when my mouth is opened. With my mouth closed, external music is actually a little louder, but there's still gd isolation so to speak. And when I play music through the CIEMs, bass impact isn't affected. So I'm unsure if I have a bad fit.


Is this normal to have such variations, or does everyone experience tighter seal (softer external sounds) with their mouth closed?

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It depends... On my UE4 Pro, it does make a difference like you're describing; however, on my UE11 Pro, there is no difference. My UE11 Pros are noticeably tighter than my UE4 Pro though. I deliberately had UE keep thickening the canal tips to do this. 

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Ermm... Not for me. It does shift position though, but the sound is still blocked roughly the same amount. If you are having fit issues as in too small CIEMs, I suggest a simple fix regarding clear nail polish. I don't RECOMMEND IT fully because every shell is made of different compounds, and I gave it a go with my UM CIEMs (Acrylic shell) and no chemical reaction happened. Just apply LIGHT clear nail polish on where you think needs it and wait till it drys and see if it made a difference. I haven't tried this with softer compounds, but I guess shells like UM is okay to apply the nail polish. Doing so, I saved myself $100 something on a re-shell.

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Hm, I suppose in that case I should live with it. The isolation diff is not by much fortunately.


Makes me wonder if I ever decide to get another pair of customs, if I should request them to thicken the canals to be safe.

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^ You could just try applying some clear nail polish like planx mentioned. I know alot of people actually prefer to do that rather than keep sending the IEM's back.

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I should mention I'm using Westone's ES5s. Not sure nail polish is a gd idea on the vinyl tips :)


On acrylic tips I suppose they'd make a cheap and gd hack solution :)

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