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Need Wireless Surround Headset for Computer Usage

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Is it safe to assume that all wireless headset/phones use their own sound card built-in meaning no audio jack interface?  If this is so, I will not be able to buy a headset with a built-in sound card.


May be looking for a wired headset now?

-Wired Surround Headset
-Computer usage, music and movies [Possible to get good audio for music?]
-Audio jack interface
[I listen to digital, techno, trance, dance, and softer vocal music.]




Hello all,

I am looking for a wireless surround [real or virtualization] headset, headphones plus a mic for computer usages including music, movies, and games.  Right now, I am worried about a delay from the computer to the headset, is this problematic? What about sound loudness and quality? Would I require an amp, how can I use this with the stander 3.5mm jack as I have never used an amp before.


I listen to digital, techno, trance, dance and softer vocal music. My price range is $100 to $150 and higher, but I would prefer to keep it at $150. I am currently using the Razer Megalodon and the external sound card headphones are every unstable and by far the worth investment I have ever made.


-Need: Wireless Surround headset

-For: Computer usage, music, movies, and games

-Must: have 3.5mm jack plug [stander sound card interface]


All suggestion are welcome,

Thank you

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Try one of the sennhiser RS series.

Heard they have make some of the best wireless headphones in the market today.

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Chawanwit, Does any of these models include mics?  Also, do I have to worry about the computer to headphones latency?  The sennheiser rs models look really nice!

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Originally Posted by Sugi View Post

Chawanwit, Does any of these models include mics?  Also, do I have to worry about the computer to headphones latency?  The sennheiser rs models look really nice!

I think that the sennhiser rs series does not include a mic. Akg has one but it is not wireless. I think you will have to look into Logitech wireless gaming headset if you want wireless with a mic. G930 is a model my friend is using for competitive gaming. This model also has 7.1 surround sound. However, as for music listening. These headset has poor sound quality compared to models with the same price that are regular headphones. As for computer to headphone latency, I am not so sure but I think you do not need to worry since these headset are design to be use with computer.

I'm thinking may be you can get the sennhiser with a separate USB desktop microphone. They are pretty cheap too.

Anyways hope that help.

Best of Luck
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I am pretty sure all wireless headset/headphones do not use the 3.5mm audio jacks, which I wasn't aware of as I was thinking they would connect with USB plus 3.5mm jack to use the onboard/sound card audio? Is it safe to assume that all wireless headset/phones use their own sound card built-in?


If this is so, I will not be able to buy a headset with a built-in sound card.  Can you suggest a good wired headset? I have also read that 7.1/5.1 is far worse quality compared to 2.1 headphones. I would not want to sacrifice that much sound quality to go over to 7.1, but on the other hand I may not even be able to tell. I have had some pretty low quality headphones/headsets from before.


I am currently using the Razer Megalodon for a headset and Koss Portapro for music every once in a while and plantronics voyager pro plus for stealth music listening through most of the day.



May be looking for a wired headset now?


-Wired Surround Headset
-Computer usage, music and movies [Possible to get good audio for music?]
-Audio jack interface
[I listen to digital, techno, trance, dance, and softer vocal music.]

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To a fellow Trance & Gamer guy.  There arent that many of us.  Like me, sounds like what you really want is an expanded range audiophile digital computer connection like bluetooth or Wifi.  Surprisingly, there isnt anything on the market to fulfill this.  Check my earlier review.  http://www.head-fi.org/t/607295/mini-bluetooth-stereo-headset-mt005b  I am personally eagerly awaiting the CCrane Co. Senta Bluetooth Audio Receiver to which I have spoken via emal to Bob Crane himself who says he's trying to get it on the market for Christmas season.  I dont know if it can do gaming 5.1 but kinda doubt it.   http://centerpointaudio.com/Senta-Bluetooth-Audio-Receiver.aspx  


Turtle Beach seams to have the Xbox headphone market rapped up, & I did see recently wandering around a department store an advertisement touting bluetooth connectivity.  You might want to check them out.  Maybe they have something new.


For now, I just say Who me,? when my neighbors ask whats that thumping sound when my JBL subwoofer goes off.


If you find something, be sure & let us know here.  I actually do have some compassion for their low frequency induced confusion.   

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It is every empty out there for people like us, we just wanting to play some games and listen to decent music quality. I already down the path of a bluetooth headset and spend many many hours comparing quality to price and it did not end up well. I bought the BH-905i from ebay.


It's unplayable when paired up with my computer, I have to pair them up everytime I want to connect them, and often they lose connection. Movies timing is off, and when using them with the microphone for VoIP audio quality breaks. The microphone quality is terrible.  I use them with my tablet but pairing them up every time is just too much work and charging them at the end of the day. I end up using my Koss Portapros more often. Now, they are an every expensive dust collector.


I am looking into wired headphones, because I must use the a sound card for my lighting system when depends on that audio signal, sound sensitive. I am looking at Grado SR80i and Sennheiser HD 598. Quite a difference in price and I am not too sure which one has better audio quality for my taste in music, however I am in love with the design of the HD 598.  I'll add a mod mic by AntLion soon after I buy a pair of headphones.  I just don't think it's worth killing sound quality for a microphone and fake surround sound.


Does surround sound with movies and games outweigh the sound quality of a good pair of stereo headphones??? I am using the megalodons and I can switch on a fly between 7.1 and 2.1, it's easy to tell the differences with that kind of setup. But a good pair of stereo headphones just seem worth it to me to drop virtual surround sounds.

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Hey Sugi

If you are looking for wired headphone now there are many options available that is great for gaming and music.

Check this link out

The hd598 has a large sound stage and is also a do it all headphones. Many people are please with using it to watch movie, play games, and listen to music.

However for ur music style, I think that he-400 of hifiman should be a better fit but it is a little expensive.

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Op, take a look at the Ultrasone Pro550, their soundstage and imaging is pretty good for games and movies. 

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Thanks for the warning on the Nokias.  I winced when I saw their Amazon price.  Havent we all spent the big bucks on a failed experiment.


Having slept on this matter, I wonder if something could be discovered by listing your computer setup.  For example, the  disconnect range issue may be fixed by a 100m bluetooth dongle like the Targus USB Bluetooth Adapter ACB20US.  Most computers ship with a built in bluetooth range of only 1m used for data transfer between palm pilot type devices where you actually place the palm pilot on the computer to link it up.  For Americans, thats only 3 ft.  Your Nokias probably have a Class 2 10m(30ft) range for cell phone link up.  Class 2 is also what bluetooth mouse & keyboards are, & most usb bluetooth dongles.


Once bluetooth devices have been paired they should do so automatically in the future.  I wonder why your computer does not.  The nokia amazon listing shows a customer rating of 3.5 which is not bad again wondering why your computer is having such a bad experience.


The audio timing, & microphone breakup sounds like a sound card issue.  Sound card issues became rampant when users began putting in HDMI video cards which include 7.1 sound which conflicts with the sound card all ready in the system. 


Listing your stereo system may also help. 

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AsRock Extreme4 Gen3 with the onboard audio [Realtek ALC892], Corsair Vengeance 16gb, GTX 690, Intel i7 2700k, Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, and Mini Bluetooth Dongle 2.0 [something like this].  I thought the Nokia 905i would use their sound card built-in the headphones theirselves and that bluetooth technology class 2 just isn't fast enough yet?


However, for example you must reconnect your wiimote everytime you want to use it. I have to say though, using bluetooth on my phone is ten times easier and I still have issues with it every so often.

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Damn - apparently money is not an issue for you.  Nice DVI video card.  So HDMI is not an issue, & you only have the one on board sound chip for no conflicts.


I recognize that dongle half moon design.  It is early Bluetooth V. 2.0, & if remembering correctly bluetooth enhanced audio started  with 2.1/edr.  Its also Class 2 10m range.  This dongle could not keep up with your Nokias, & could be the problem.  Bluetooth is now up  to Version 4.0, & you pulling out your impressive checkbook & plunking down some credits for the latest V.4.0, Class 3 100m usb dongle may fix your issues.


I dont know what a Voip adapter plugs into but if its a sound connection, might want to consider a new sound card.  Heres a review I wrote on Amazon under the name Corwin:   http://www.amazon.com/StarTech-com-Channel-Digital-Surround-Adapter/dp/B002I9L3X4/ref=cm_aya_orig_subj  


Realtek notoriously only supplies minimal onboard sound capabilities.  


Other reviewers claim the sleep issue does not happen in Win 7.  


The Targus dongle I use does not work on Win 7 which have tested myself.


I  assume you plug your dongle into the front of the computer, & not the back, or in a desktop usb tray.


If you find such a dongle, let me know, cause I may want one too.




Class 1 1m

Class 2 10m

Class 3 100m

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The Bluetooth dongle was given to me by a friend, this is stated by my computer. [Broadcom 2046 Bluetooth 2.1+EDR USB Device with First Connect]. I am looking at a sound card for my computer now. If I bought Bluetooth class 4 dongle, would this help plus a sound card?  I am currently using Skype for VoIP.  I'll reply a little bit later.




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Broadcom 2046 Bluetooth 2.1+EDR USB Device with First Connect  was the big jump in bluetooth sound quality so this should be enough to run your nokias.  Bluetooth 3.0 was mostly about reduced power consumption.  You can read up on this on Wikipedia.  There is a conflict in my thoughts though, I am sure that half moon design was superseded by the more modern current nub design so even though your computer may be reading from drivers 2.1/edr, the dongles hardware may really only be 2.0.  You might want to try the upgrade anyway as dongles are inexpensive as compared to $1000 video cards, & $300 headphones.  Can you feel the envy. lol.  


Thanks for the tip on the sound card.  Optical cables physics max out around 10 ft, & my coaxial cable is 25ft long so limited to digital coaxial connection.  My card is the only card I know of that has the coaxial connection.  

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