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Advice needed on a DAC upgrade

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Hi Folks.

I'm looking to upgrade from my cyrus DACX+ which I use with a cyrus external power supply also.

I have been considering Chinese  & Us alternatives to get more for my money.

DAC@S Ive been looking at include 

Schiit Gungnir

Naim DAC (used)

Lite DAC 83

Audio GD Reference

Audio GD Master

Monarchy Audio NM24

Wired for sound DAC-2 (TAS210)

I'm considering new & second hand so I'd be open you DACS from any where I just want to better what I have.

I'm Running the DAC in to Beyerdynamics A1 connected to the Beyerdynamics T1 headphones.

Also Into My Amplifier an AVI S21Lab Series Intergrated Connected to a pair of Spendor A6's.

All units connected with quality cabling.

Any suggestions, reviews & experiences greatly appreciated

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+1 to the Schiit Gungnir
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have you heard the Gungir then?

And any of the others?


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Just start a new thread there and ask the same question.


You might also consider asking this question on Audiogon or Audiocircle.

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Look, you're getting more gear in your DAC...true.  But ultimately less sound.  Just because it has the best chips, tubes, new fangled technology does not mean it will sound any better, its all in the IMPLEMENTATION of that technology and I would argue that those you've picked are fairly weak in that area.  W4S is bright and harsh, Lites are ok, and the Monarchy is probably the best out of the options you've got.  They are all quite lean and bright though.  I'm not saying that is bad, if that's the sound you're after.  If you want more music and less sound though look at a Meridian 563, Theta Pro Basic III, or Audio Note Zero.  Any one of those will be a serious bang for your buck second hand.  Huge 3D sound, warm, musical.  Think of your Spendors, great british speakers btw, now think about your Beyers.  Which is more musical?  I'd be willing to bet it's the Spendors.  The W4S and Audio GD will be more like the Beyers and the DACs I've mentioned more like the Spendors.

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thanks for the advice.

Yes I would prefer it more musical and am definatly one for lower end heft and detail.

I'll look up the dacs you've suggested.

I was starting to lean towards a naim dac.

How would you rate that compared to your suggestions?


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