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Beyerdynamic DT1350 vs T70p

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A fresh fellow headfier asked me some opinions on these two headphones wich I still own. So I thought it was worth sharing with the community :).


I have to say that this is not a proper review, just impressions.





Hi there,


Yeah no problem I can give you my honest opinions.


I still own both the cans. I think they are brilliant headphones for different reasons.




Both go deep as hell, I mean I did a test at 25 Hz and I could still hear the sound or better feel it. However I have to say that this happens also for the T70p since I replaced the original pads with the ones for the AKG K240 cans. Before the replacement the T70p didn't have much impact, although the very low frequencies with the original pads were still there.


Obviously for the bass the reaching of low frequency is not everything, what in my opinion really matters is the tightness, I hate headphones that reproduce sloppy and bloated low frequencies, it is an awful sensation. So for the T70p and the DT1350 it is not the case at all, both headphones are extremely tight and refined in the low register, the double bass on both the headphones sounds very good (the T70p must have the AKG pads to reach the same level).


Another important parameter for the low frequencies is the impact, very noticeable in classic rock music with very fast bass transients (the bass drum for instance). In this respect the DT1350 have an advantage over the T70p in terms of impact, but the sealing with your ears must be perfect otherwise you won't get anything. The T70p are still very good as impact using the AKG pads but certainly less powerful and enjoable than the DT1350. However the T70p go slightly lower in frequency, reaching almost the subsonic range, I have to say that this is really impressive.


Summarising about the bass, I would say that both headphones go very deep, are very tight and precise (the cello is a real proof for this), both have a good impact but the DT1350 has a plus here and possibly it is better even in terms of "tightness".



Regarding the comfort for the T70ps I simply say that in combination with the AKG pads is the most comfy headphones I tried in my life with no doubt, I can wear them till I completely forget they are on my head.

The DT1350 ahhhhhhhh!!! It hurts man, it really hurts, it literally destroys your ears, I tried many things:

- Putting the sennheiser HD25 pads. The result in my opinion was a change of the wonderful sound signature and all the bass tightness and impact completely gone.

- Bending the headband so that less pressure was applied on the ears. Ahhh! headache and earpain gone, but gone together with jucy impact and presence of the bass, I suppose because the sealing was basically broken applying less pressure, so the headband bending was not an option.


Well I love the DT1350 as sound and aspect, they are truly wonderful cans in my opinion, so I asked the engineers at beyerdynamic I could have fixed this horrible problem, they replied to me and you can read the story here http://www.head-fi.org/t/627820/improving-the-comfort-of-the-dt1350-with-two-new-earpads-from-beyerdynamic but I didn't receive yet the pads so stay tuned on this.


I am selling my T70p

I think also that the T70p are wonderful cans in the higher ranges of frequencies, they obviously totally outclass the DT1350 in terms of soundstage and spaciouness, I think they are among the best real closed cans able to achieve such a level of spaciousness (probably no as good as the ultrasone edition 8). Furthermore they are also incredibly transparent, the best I have tried I would say. The DT1350 has issues in terms of timbre and slightly rolled off highs and obviously a small soundstage, but I can't complain giving the size and portability and for me the resolution is better than the T70p.


So why I am selling the T70p, well for two reasons, the first is because they are unfortunately bright cans without any doubt, the highs are very nice but for me too excessive, I can't bare with bright cans for a long time (I am a dark side man :) ). The other reason is that a fascinating and beautiful thing came in my life :), the Audeze LCD-2, I am getting emotions from these cans that I never felt before for music, although I have to say that they absolutely don't reach the transparency of the T70p, but I don't mind as I said I prefer dark headphones for long and impactful experiences and for this the LCD-2 are simply fantastic. But now I don't want to talk about these headphones otherwise I'll go off topic :).


So these are my personal impressions. Stay tuned for the updates about the new Beyerdynamic pads for the DT1350. I hope this was helpful.

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Second opinion from a person who has owned both cans (gave away DT1350, kept T70):


DT1350 has no bass to speak of, if you can't get a decent fit on your ears/head. I tried a gazilliion different positions, even tried bending the band. The bass remained near non-existent and this made the cans sound very harsh and tired out my ears in no time.


T70 with bent headband and Beyer gel pads produces enough of deep and accurate bass, without being a bass head headphone. In addition, they isolate much better (of course, they are circumaural). They are also bright, but nowhere near as painfully harsh as DT1350.


So, YMMV, try them out for yourself. DT1350 clearly isn't everybody's cup of tea.

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