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Monster Turbine's First Impression

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So I recently got my Monster Turbines that I purchased from amazon. I was looking for a pair of great sounding IEM's for under $100 to use while listening to mostly rap/hip hop music and also other genres of music from time to time. Most people recommended the Monster Turbine's from Amazon so I decided to purchase these. 










Okay so the first thing I noticed with these is that they were really heavy like most people say. If you take one of the staedtler eraser's and split it in half, each half is the equivalent to the weight of each ear piece. 


Another thing that I noticed is that the cable isn't the best quality. It feels really easy to get pulled off from the ear pieces. This isn't a problem for me since I take real good care of my things but for people who always throw their things around and just shove it in their pockets, I wouldn't recommend these since they are extremely easy to brake. 


Also, since they are really heavy, it might be a bit difficult keeping them in your ears without them falling off. At first the left one would always fall out of my ear but know my ear seems like its getting used to it and its falling out a lot less then it was before. My left ear might just be deformed but I allowed my friend to give them ago and he was having the same problem but with his right ear. We might both just have deformed ears. lol tongue_smile.gif


Also you need to play around with the included ear pieces and maybe even purchase some of the memory foam ones. I know thats what I will be doing very soon. 


The sound is really nice. I've owned an authentic and a fake pair of the beats tours and the sounds is no where close to these. 

The tours sound really distortive in my opinion and there really isn't that much of a clear sound. But they do offer an tremendous amount of bass. 


While the Monster Turbines have a really good amount of bass and they still sound clear. 

The mids on these things are absolutely amazing. It sound that it puts out is really warm. The highs and lows aren't the greatest but they are still pretty decent. Cant expect amazing high, mids and lows for the price you are paying to get these. 


Most people compare these to the beats tours so I will give you my little opinion on them. 


With the monster turbines, you are paying $170 for a pair of IEM's while with the beats tour's you are paying $100 for IEM's and $70 for the Dr. Dre name.


This is just my quick first impressions on these. Its my first post regarding a pair of earphones so don't expect something amazing. Let me know what I can do better for next time. I will also be doing one on the Audio Technica ATH M-50s real soon.



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I really liked mine...I really wish I hadn't lost them.  I actually used them with Comply foam earpieces and never had any issue with the weight.  I had mine for a year before I lost them and I took good care of them so I had no issues with the cables or anything.

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Nice impression midniteboss.

I think I was one of the people who helped you choose these. I still really enjoy my pair even though I own others in a higher price range. They may not do everything perfectly but for the going price now and over all packaging are a great choice. I could see these being the perfect gift for someone who's starting out in the IEM field.

Regarding the fit issues you were having take a look at this video. Turbines are actually quite tip dependant and while I thought the large were sealing properly they were inserting to far and I was losing some sound once following the video. After moving down to medium which I thought would be too small I got a better seal and grab / lock of the ear piece. You're right, they do have some weight to them, however I think their appearance and cosmetic design is still one of the nicest I have encountered. I would be happy to place the sound of my higher end IEM's into that housing.

Here's the video.


Now, if you use them at your computer or laptop. I highly recommend purchasing a Fiio E10 Dac for about $70. Turbines really come to life using this little magic box. It brings the treble out and heightens the whole experience in the lows. I use them for bassing out on my laptop, they can push a definite punch in sub-bass using the E10
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i didn't know that the monster turbine had a L shaped jack. Nice review btw

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