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SRH750DJ vs SRH550DJ

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I've pretty much decided to get either the SRH750DJ or SRH550DJ, i've read a lot of reviews and many were very positive. I just want to know what's the difference between the two? Does the SRH750DJ have much better sound quality? The reason i'm considering getting the SRH550DJ is that they look smaller and more lightweight, I don't really want a bulky headphone over my head, while wanting to get the best sound quality. How does the two compare? Which one should i get?


Thanks in advance!

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The 750DJ is quite bulky. But most people dig the design though. 


I haven't fully burned the 750DJs in yet but they are quite bassy (to me).
They really have good highs though. And they fit comfortly onto my head.
They also have great noise isolation, but when the music volume is low-medium i can hear people talk. Which is weird, since they cant hear my music at all.

I haven't heard the 550DJ though.

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Also, the bass is quite good, but a little too much for me (i don't like the bass too much, I like a quality sounding bass that's in the background). This bass is just playing along with all the other instruments.

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thanks so much!

anyone have any experiences with the 550djs?

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Just to add some more information, i listen to mainly pop music and also some country music (guitar). i am also quite a basshead.

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