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WA3 as a preamp

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How does the WA3 do as a preamp?  I've decided to buy one for my DT880s, but I'm stuck on the preamp option.  I have a pair of B&Ws that barely get used as they're currently the mains in my basement home theater.  When they do get used, its mostly for gaming or movies and I feel like they're wasted.  I'm considering moving them to my bedroom where I listen to most of my music and getting a $200 pair of Polks for the home theater.  This way my B&Ws get used and I think Polk is good enough for home theater and occasional music listening.


Is this a good plan and is the WA3 preamp good enough, or should I save the $100 and get a dedicated preamp for this purpose?  Thanks.



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Also, I know this is a stupid question, but here goes:


I really like the silver amp, but all my other equipment is black.  If I got silver, would it look bad with all the black amps, computers, desk, etc.  Or should I just buy the black amp to match everything.


Edit:  I'll just get the black to match, but how is the preamp quality.  Really want to place my order and I'm tempted to get the preamp, but would like to know if its worth it or if the WA3 is mainly a headphone amp.  Thanks.

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I have the WA3. Once upon a time, I thought it was a fantastic headphone amp. After getting new amps, my opinion has somewhat changed. Don't get me wrong, it is still a very good and musical amp. Its main weakness is it isn't as coherent and detailed as my other amps. As a pre-amp, this is eccentuated.

My recommendation is only get the WA3 for the headphone amp. If you want it only for the preamp, there are much better options out there. If you want to use the preamp as a part time function, it is passable, but probably not worth the $100 premium.
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Thanks for the reply.  Sorry I'm a bit late getting back...been in the hospital a few days.  I've decided to do without the preamp function.  Do you think the WA3 is still a good entry level amp (esp. coming from solid state) or is there something else you'd recommend I look at in the price range?  Thanks.

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Are you strictly looking for tubes? also, which SS amp you owned previously? 

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I'm using an Onkyo receiver at the moment.  It doesn't sound bad, but I think it could be better.  I'm looking for tubes so that I can drive a pair of DT880/600s.  I was originally going to get the Crack, but my eyes were bothering me too much to solder.  I held off because my doc said it would take about six months to get my condition under control...two years later it turns out I actually have two autoimmune diseases and they were only treating one of them.


At that point I figured I'd just have Bottlehead build it for me, but they let their tech go about a week before I went to place my order.  I looked at the DarkVoice and the Schitt, but finally settled on the WA3.  Still leaning in that direction, but I'm not sure if there's anything in this price range that I missed.  At the moment, though, my life pretty much consists of going to work, coming home and listening to music, so getting something that sounds good is worth it to me (hopefully it'll be uphill from here now that they finally figured out what's wrong).


So, any suggestions on amps, or is the WA3 a good first tube amp?

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I think the Valhalla is better.  And I've had both.  The WA3 is a very good amp, but the Valhalla is cheaper, better sounding, and in stock.  No need to wait weeks for Woo to build it.


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So, any suggestions on amps, or is the WA3 a good first tube amp?

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I'll take another look at it.  Thanks.

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Valhalla looks like a good amp, but I don't think the synergy would be right with the DT880s.  Its hard to say without hearing it, but based on the reviews it emphasises (sp) mids and treble at the expense of bass.  Since Beyer has too much treble to start with and DT880s could use a little more bass impact, I don't think its what I'm looking for.

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