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I just need to say that i am falling more and more in love with the Rhapsodio R^2 every day. This things ooze value and has a balanced sound with lush mids, awesome deep and powerful bass, very similar to that of the 1plus2, and a bit of treble glare and brightness, the glare being the only real fault!

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as you can probably tell by Rhapsodio's facebook announcement - they're sending their new RDB+ 2v1 (those are the balanced sounding ones, not the same as fun sounding RDB+ v1 smily_headphones1.gif ) to Australia. So we've decided to restart the unfinished tour.

So each person will demo the RDB+ 2v1 for about 2 weeks, then post it to the next one along with the sweet looking Shozy PX-M1 amps.

If I recall correctly the current Australian tour queue is:

me (2w)
->mradrian (2w)
->h20 (2w)
->djvkool (2w)
-> audionewbi (2w)

if you want to come along - please PM me or email rhapsodio biggrin.gif

oh and H20, please try not to buy this pair too biggrin.gif .

edit: rdb+2v1 now has its own place
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Originally Posted by svyr View Post

oh and H20, please try not to buy this pair too biggrin.gif .

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is it gonna go by states? Im in adelaide.

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I received a Studio V 2ND Edtion today which pairs wonderfully with RDB+ v1. Refinement in this pairing is rather exceptional. very clean transparent sound with great layering, gives the ability to hear background samples much much easier coming through the mid range. I was terribly worried about hiss with the Studio, well it is present but in such subtle amounts It doesn't bother me, anything over 8/31 it's near non existent to my ears. Wonderful sound regardless of what Hisound have inside that unit. I don't know how they do it, but what I do know is it sounds pretty f#$@ng awesome and that's all that matters for this member.
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so no more c&c bh with the v1? blink.gif

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The amp isn't really needed with the Studio, I don't think I'd benefit from amping it, could possibly dirty the signal, I will try though. It sounds better than my CK4 / BH combo by itself, still comparable but the V pulls away.

I still think C&C BH is a wonderful little amp that takes most headphone or line outs and improves that. I want to see how the V pairs with H-200 when they return as they're still with djvkool.
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Man i am loving the Rhapsodio R^2 so much with an iPod Classic to JL Acoustics Balanced amp with a Effect Audio upgrade cable. Dual flange tips get rid of the treble glare and everything is just AWESOME, someone else needs to try these and share the sonic bliss!




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H20, it depends what amp you using, BH is great with iPods or C3 but when you go to more effiecient DAP the little BH is not so needed or you need a better amp like T1, Alo or Vorzuge. I tried BH with Rwak and it did not do any good at all but when I use T1 with Rwak that combo sounds really great. BH is small cheap amp which does all good things to sources where output stage is so so... gimmicks like LF and SF and HG switch are all helping only when source itself is small soinding, but with DAPs having good implementation of output stage BH will be useless IMHO.
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Swims, what that small candy box is? the photo apparently does not do it justice :-D

Agree, i enjoy v1 as much as you your R2 :-) lets see how else competition has it...
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Yeah that's it Gintaras, although I love the BH, it's simply not going to give me any benefit with Studio V. Instead, a possible step backwards. Honestly, this Studio does not need amping I cannot even pass 19/31 and it's screaming by that point. Simply not required and the looong battery life, it hasnt moved a single bar all day and it's been running pretty much the last 15 hours on / off.
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mate H20, when you go up DAP line you will begin to want amp that enhances layering and control over sound, this what T1 does to Rwak, T1 does not color anything but streamlines layering and controls sound in more coherent nice way,... Rwak alone is great joy to listen but can become too busy and "shouty" on some busy music material, and T1 puts just better control helping to preserve better black space and timing. This is just my observation. I understand for higher end DAPs you buy amp for a different purpose and so I am glad to see you have similar findings.

That said BH is great partner with less powerful players and has tons of functionality not seen for such a low price IMHO
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Send me your T1 and we'll find out Gintaras.
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Originally Posted by H20Fidelity View Post

Send me your T1 and we'll find out Gintaras.


If you are serious, I can send you mine. I can live without the amp for a bit and just use my Note 2 direct when I'm out. I don't like carrying too much anyway. 

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That's a wonderful offer, I'll speak to you via pm crav.
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