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So as the title says, moments ago the left earphone just stopped working, first it would randomly work when fiddling with the cable but now it has finally died. Which brings us here.

Now, i've always used or preferred in ear monitors as opposed to full headsets mainly because i would never know if they would go as loud as my in ears. I am currently listening to music on a crappy blackberry cellphone and my craptop but they get the job done, however since my current set died im on the market again.

This sunday a friend of mine showed me his Beats Studio, and although i knew their reputation i gave them a go. The sound was as i expected, lots of bass, i am no audiophile but i would say mids were inexistant and highs were decent at best, but thats not the point, I thought: "how could my 50 dollar earphones sound better to my ears than these 300 or so bucks headphones?" I don't have any other explanation other than the double flange tips sealing my ear canal exceptionally well and giving me a nice full sound, with the beats i just didint hear my head full with sound.

Which brings me to the question so you don't have to read any further. I currently do not have a budget, but i would say i would top at $200 or so, i am looking into going full size headphones (preferrably closed over the ear) mainly for durability and/or sound quality over in ear monitors, however, if you could recommend me or explain to me why in ears sound better to me than full size, i would gladly consider and look into more options, but for now im basically just wondering what are some decent 100-200$ full size headphones/in ears which dont need any sort of amplification or can basically go loud on mp3/pc/cellphone devices.


What i will be playing through them:
Rock, Metal, Random youtube and movies.

Thank you so much in advance.

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