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Which IEMs would you suggest that don't exceed ~$80? (details listed)

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Long and dreary:


I've grown tired of purchasing $20 IEMs only for them to crap out in 10 months, and I end up having to buy a new pair, or use ones that came with a device I had bought. So during the past couple of weeks, I've been beginning to get familiar with all the terms. I'll admit my bad purchases in the past such as my G35 headset and a pair of Beats Solo HD, but I had bought them both when they were on sale (G35s were $90 for me at Best Buy, Beats were about $100). I was fine with them for about a year until I started wishing I had just gone with a real pair of headphones, but what's done is done so I'm only looking ahead. I've been doing my research (as will all things I get into before I make a purchase) and I wanted to make a thread here to see what info from people with experience can lend me. I'll be using these in vehicles often but as long as it has decent isolation I'll be happy.


To cut to the chase, I've been looking at a few different earbuds but I don't know which one will be best for me to put my money towards. The two main ones I've been looking at are the Monster Turbines ($80 on Amazon) and the MEElectronics SP51-BK ($47 on Amazon). I want to make my purchase soon so I can get to listening to my music while out of the house properly again, but I don't want to buy either one on a whim. I know since I'm already near the $100 price range, I'll be getting advice to save my money up more and buy a nicer pair, but I really don't want to be taking IEMs over $100 around with me where I listen to music. I'd prefer to buy $80 IEMs and an amp (if needed) rather than IEMs over $100 that I'd have to replace if anything happened to them. That way I only have to replace $80 IEMs and I'd still have an amp)


I've also been looking at amps (I'm not entirely sure if I'll actually need one) such as the Fiio E5 and E6. I'm aware of the PA2V2 as well. I'll be using my iPod Touch 3rd gen as my media player, and possibly an iPod Classic in the future for the large storage.


Lastly, since I'm the type of guy who enjoys whatever music sounds good to my ears, I listen to a wide variety of genres. To give a broad list: post-industrial, rock, metal, classical, jazz, blues, funk, electronic, hip-hop (on occasion, only to listen to stuff from the 90s). I don't want to go on for too long listing all the bands I enjoy because I could be up all night doing that, so here's a list of bands I have a larger amount of albums for than the rest of the bands I like:


Industrial: Rammstein, Eisbrecher, Orgy, KMFDM, Powerman 5000, Korn (their old songs, See You on The Other Side album), and so on...

Rock: Too many to list, Alice Cooper, Led Zeppelin, Yes, Genesis, Rush, The Clash
Funk, Blues: War, Jimi Hendrix, Gnarls Barkley
Metal: heavy metal, death metal, speed metal, etc...Iron Maiden, Dio, Megadeth, Judas Priest, Dreamtheater, Sabaton
Electronic: Pendulum, Hadouken, Infected Mushroom, Daft Punk
Hip Hop: Tupac, Cypress Hill, Public Enemy


Like I said, I don't want to go on for too long but you get the idea of what music I want to sound good.


Shorter summary to save you time:


I need a pair of IEMs that don't exceed the $80 price range, I need them to play really any genre I throw at it, but have good bass for the songs that have it. When I play a song that has good bass, it makes me happy. I'm very geared towards buying some Monster Turbines on Amazon soon, but I want to hear second thoughts. Also do you think I should buy a Fiio E5 or E6 amp to go along with it?


Thank you very much in advance for any advice I can get. I realized I went on a bit too long so there's a short summary below it.

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Id say the dual driver brookstones, they sound great for $60, but they dont have the most confidence inspiring build. Ive had mine for about a year and they still look and work like new, but if you are tough on your IEM's i just doubt they will last very long. The sound quality for the price might be unbeatable though.

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