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Great 2.1, 3.0, 3.1 Ideas for Under 500-600$ With Reciever

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I am a college student with almost no money, but my inner audio/videophile is screaming for me to create a home theater system. The only reason I would want a center channel first is I watch a LOT of Netflix and I like to put it on Pro-Logic so I can enjoy the center as well.  Movies seem weird without a center channel for me (drives me absolutely nuts)...  I like the Denon 1612 (or 1312), but I am clueless on which speakers would be good for my needs. Suggestions on what you guys think I should do with a pretty tight budget would be welcome as well. I have plenty of room but not much $$: the less I spend the better smily_headphones1.gif

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Ya if you could get a 1612 AVR that would be a solid budget receiver and perhaps have a look at the Pioneer BS21s, etc on Egg as they go for an absolute steal if on sale with promo code/free ship tongue_smile.gif Or just go with floor standers for fronts perhaps? I suppose a decent shout for a $200ish active sub would be something like a BIC F12?

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Agreed. The Pioneers on Newegg are about the best deal right now for building a system on your budget. Register for Newegg's mailing list so you get the specials and be patient for a couple of weeks (the Pioneers go on sale all the time). The towers were $129 just last week. And the center has been at least $20 or $30 off.


Then the BIC F12 (Amazon), Energy 10.3 (Newegg) and Polk PSW505 (check Newegg and Amazon) are all good deals on subs when you can catch them around $200. But I wouldn't buy another sub model cheaper that that. Those are about the best price/performance values for an entry level HT sub. Worth waiting if you have to save awhile to buy the sub. 


New Denon 1612s have gotten hard to find at around $200 (last year's model that is about sold out), but you can get a factory warrantied/factory refurbished one at acccesories4less.com. Great receiver because it comes with Audyssey MultiEQ room correction software which EQs your speakers and your sub. Great review of it. You'd definitely have to spend more to do better. 

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I am already on Newegg's mailing system as I have a serious weakness for computer parts as well.  For a poor college student I have some really expensive hobbies gs1000.gif.  Though I didn't see any good deals other than things outside of my price bracket.  Would have gotten the Energy's on Woot for 180$, but I didn't have the time until a few minutes after the deal expired plus I want to patch my own system together and it lacked the sub.  There is a Pioneer sub that was in either today's mail or the last one that was a pretty good deal, but I was unsure if it was a good sub.


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The Pioneer SW-8 sub is nothing special even at $100. It's really worth waiting to step up to something like the BIC F12 or Energy S10.3, even if it's six months or a year from now. If you absolutely feel you have to have a sub in the $100 range, the Dayton SUB 1200 is probably your best bet. 


But keep on eye on for the sale prices on those Pioneers. There's a very long thread full of people over at AVS who have bought them and love them. Here's a review of the BS41 bookshelves used in a 5.1 setup over at hometheater.com.


Which Energys were you considering at Woot? 

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Would you do the Pioneer towers or the bookshelf speakers?

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The Energy Takes are very good speakers for what they are: small satellites. They will work well in a smaller room where you need small speakers, but they have tiny drivers. They absolutely have to have a subwoofer. They have no mid-bass at all without one. They start rolling off above 100hz, and would need to be crossed over with a sub at least at 120Hz. 


If you don't have that size restriction, a set of BS41, C21, and BS21s for the rears would do way better than the Energys because the speakers can provide more mid-bass. 


So yeah. For the price of the Energys at around $200, I would go with the FS51 and the C21 when you can catch them on sale, and then down the road add a sub and rears. Might be more fun to add the sub first smile.gif

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LogicBuy just emailed me today's deals and the Sony SAVS310 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System is 130$.  If its that cheap I doubt its good, but I thought to ask just to make sure.

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