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Upgrading from Shure 530s

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I've been off and on thinking about upgrading my Shure 530s, but really haven't come across a new pair of universal IEMs that seem to outdo them.  I've come across these Heirs which seem to be getting pretty popular, and some people claiming them to be the best all around universal IEM


Wondering about a few things.  I guess a lot of times I can find my Shures blaring, maybe distortion by cranking them to hear the high range better.  


In comparison to the Shure 530s, how would you guys rank its fit, and sound quality, and soundstage? 


Does the bass go just as low?  Basically is it a worthy upgrade.  I've been thinking about going with portable closed headphones, so I'm also wondering how they compare to Senn HD25-IIs and the like


I mostly listen to all forms of rock, metal( these two genres are maybe where I've had this long perceived harshness from my 530s), some jazz, and slowly growing amounts of electronic music. 


I've also been hearing good things about the Senn IE80s which are about 50 dollars more than the Heirs.  From what it sounds like, the IE80s are not as bass heavy as the IE8s, which is a good thing, and still have a wide soundstage.  Also considering the Earsonic SM3


So are these upgrades or more of sidegrades?

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please read up buddy, loads of info here to help u decide :D.


The shure's are good but there are way better IEM's out there for u to experiment with.For metal, westone 3 or 4 would do justice.


Any ways i am a fellow metal head here and i have a ER-4p and they are \m/

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From the sounds of it the Heir 4 series would be best for wide-range of music.  I want an IEM that is isn't specialized, and will play everything great.  I think I'll be selling my Shure's soon 


I'll probably go the custom route as I want to fiddle with the fit as little as possible 

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