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Hi all.  I am relatively new to this forum, so I apologize if this is not appropriate.  I purchased a pair of Bowers and Wilkins P5s yesterday for portable use.  However, after I got them home and compared them to my non-portable Beyerdynamic dt880s, I really did not enjoy the sound so much (too rolled off on the treble for my tastes).  Overall, they are a very comfortable headphone, just not what I am looking for.  In any case, rather than buy them from Apple or Best Buy, I made the poor decision of attempting to support local audio.  I purchased them from a store in Gainesville, FL called Electronics World.  My mistake.  They won't accept a return.  Figuring a normal retail policy, I did not notice their sign stating effectively that their return policy was manager's whim (all refunds/exchanges are discretion of the manager). Ah, the joys of small towns; these guys do not have any competition in the area, so really do not stand to lose anything but my business, which is likely a small drop in the bucket to them.   Alas, I have never actually attempted to sell anything on-line before.  So, what should I do?     



Thanks Head-Fi!