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Earbud Help?

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I got some Skull Candy 50/50s for Xmas last year and they are total junk. I just exchanged for my 4th pair. Under warranty, but hassle and costs me $8 each exchange. 


But shopping for headphones is hard for the uninitiated. 


So, can anyone recommend a solid pair of earbuds with remote/microphone for calls in the $50-$100 range? I'm not looking for SUPER HEAVY Bass, but a good frequency range, and something that will be durable. 



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Etymotic MC2 for Android, Blackberry or Windows phone. 

Or MC3 for Apple phone.



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The new Apple earpods are excellent. I've been listening to them non-stop for the last two days. $29 with in-line remote and mic for Apple products. Really amazing soundstage for the price. Overall great SQ at any price, IMO.

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I'm not a fan. got them with my Iphone 5.  The cable is short, and I just can't wear the hard plastic in my ear for long stretches. 

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