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Good budget In-Ear Monitors?

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Hey everyone! I'm not a big poster but I'm always looking on these forums when looking for reviews and just seeing what the latest stuff is. Being a college kid I don't have too much money so I can't go off and buy some of the top-notch stuff, as much as I would like too. Right now I've got a pair of Sennheiser HD 280 Pro's, and while they might not be Audiophile-grade, (I thought they were when purchasing them..) I still love the sound and they are holding up really well. I recently got a laptop for school because I've been traveling so much, and I have a pair of old Bose IEM's I was using, but they keep cracking on the cord requiring me to super-glue them. I was looking around and I heard good things about the VSONIC GR02 Pro's and was considering getting these and trying them out. How would they sound in comparison to the Bose in ear headphones I have?


The ones I have are the old version, which my Dad gave to me back in high school. They don't sound bad but I've heard more and more bad things about Bose being over priced for the performance, so I don't think I want another pair to replace them:




And here are the VSONIC's I'm thinking of getting:




If you have any other suggestions in the price range of the VSONIC's that would be awesome, I just can't justify spending more on headphones than I did my laptop.. lol


So I guess my budget is $50 at the max.


Thanks everyone!




I'm also looking at the Klipsch Image S2's as an option.

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I used to own those exact bose headphones. I definitely agree that they are overpriced for the quality.


For under $50, the iMetal iP595 has some great sound quality. I'm selling some on ebay for a good price now.



Other than those, ive heard good things about the Klipsch. If you are looking for really cheap ones the monoprice iems are great, but I think you would want something a bit nicer. 


I would like to hear how the Vsonics perform if you end up buying them!

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Though not beloved around these parts NuForce makes some pretty sweet sounding IEM's. Also look at what MEElectric has in your price range as well as JVC. Oh and the Vsonics are pretty great too.

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Haven't heard a bad VSonic yet. The GR02s seem to be very well regarded. A lot of my non-headphone friends like the Soundmagic PL50s as well. What do you tend to listen to? What would you look for in terms of FR? 

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Thanks for the replies, been waiting for awhile thinking my post would go unanswered. I ended up ordering the Monoprice IEM's after reading the raving reviews for them, and I figured I can't go wrong trying them out for $8. If I absolutely can't stand them, then I'll probably go with the VSONIC's. I'm sure I'll be fine with the monoprices sound, just worried about the comfort. I have extra rubber ear buds I should be able to use. Does anyone here use the Comply Foam Ear Tips with the Monoprices?

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Not sure if the Complys fit without being de-cored. I tried a pair at a meet before, they had Sony Hybrids (large) on. If the tips' core are large enough, or can stretch a reasonable amount, they should fit the Monoprices.

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