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C5 or Gratitude? Looking for IEM around $200

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Hi All, 


Was hoping you could share your extensive knowledge and throw some recommendations my way. I'm not an expert so you'll have to use layman terms. :-)


I'm in the market for a new pair of IEMs. Budget would be limited to the $200 mark. An iPhone remote is now a must for me.


I mostly listen to metal and hip-hop.


Last pair I had was the Westone UM1 which, to my untrained ears, sounded quite clear but lacked any type of wow factor. I'm hoping by spending a little more money to see an improvement. 


Two IEMs I can easily access where I'm at are the B&W C5 and the Monster Gratitude. Would either of those fit the bill and if so which one would you go for? Or neither?


Thank you all in advance. I really value your feedback, cheers!

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I have not heard the C5 nor the Gratitude, but the Spider Real Voice receives awesome reviews and recommendations both from Headphone.com and InnerFidelity.com.  They come with a 3-button mic as well.








Looking at the charts I can say that they will sound really good with a slight bass emphasis.


There are a few caveats in the customer reviews over at Headphone.com so be sure to read up prior to purchasing.  If you have any questions I am sure they folks there would be more than glad to help.

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Gratitude if you can deal with microphonics.  They have amazing SQ for their price, I honestly do believe so (sounds very similar to what I've read about the Coppers actually).  However, if you can't deal with microphonics, I'd say neither and go with something like a Phonak 1xx, V-Moda Vibrato, or Dunu Tai Chi based on your tastes of music.  If you can deal with it though, the Gratitude have probably some of the best low-bass texturing I've heard.  It's truly quality bass, focusing on the sub-bass.  If you're sensitive to treble, I'd avoid them though.  

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Thanks guys for the info!


Of those other recommendations, the V-Moda Vibrato caught my eye the most.


But, after reading more reviews (including yours tinyman) I think I'm ready to shell out a little bit more money and 'level up' - I'm going to go with the Gratitude. They look pretty sexy too. 

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I don't know any of the others but I have the Gratitudes. Have a look at my profile on other posts you'll see I've sorted a lot of the microphonics issues. The tips unfortunately aren't that great and could do with some that are a bit beefier that bring out the bass.
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