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5 DACs

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Hi all,


I am looking to buy a new DAC which can used as outboard DAC for PC or MAC, to be connected to my amp (NAD C372) in the main system. I am looking at following options :


1) Teac UD-H01
2) PS Audio DLIII
3) Peachtree DACiT
4) ASUS Xonar Essence One
5) Nuforce HDP


I am looking at only from pure dac perspective, and not looking at headphone amp / volume control quality ( though a good one is a bonus). 


Which one will be best as pure dac ?




PS : I am kind of leaning towards PS Audio at $499 in US but not sure if the US 120V can be converted to 230V by an internal switch.

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I think Schiit Bitfrost can also be in the list.

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I'll also recommend considering the bifrost.

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Unbeatable for the cost if you're on a budget.

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Hows ASUS Xonar Essence One as pure dac ? (what chip ?) 

Its available locally at good price


Another thought is to wait for Emotiva XDA-2

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TI PCM1795.


As a DAC alone its a bad deal.

As a full fledged DAC + Desktop Amp, if you can get it for cheap, I'll say its a good deal.

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I have decided to wait till Emotiva releases its new DACs.


One thing I observed is except PS Audio DLIII, most DAC don't have auto-select for their digital inputs. 

Any particular reason why is it so ?

For pure DAC that would eliminate need for remote 

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