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Need portable headphone!

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Hey I been looking into what headphones to get for the past week and have been very VERY indecisive about my situation.


My Specifications

First, off i am still open for either an on or over ear headphone (heading towards the over ear)

Second, and quality just for bass. A lot of house that i listen to do have vocals so i would want my headphones to make them sound clear.

Third, Portability. I do not want to carry an amp around with me. I plan on using this headphones connected to my iphone while either relaxing in my house, hanging out outside, or exercising in the gym. I also would like them to fold and it would be cool to have a headphone that came with a mic/3 button remote so i can answer calls while listening to it.


My current debate

After searching through many headphones i have found some possible headphones (obviously not all meet my specifications because i am clearly asking for a lot here


1) Senn Hd25-1 ii - Love the reviews i read on it on the sound but to me it looks kind of bland so that led me to my next choice. (also it does not have that 3button mic cord).


2) Senn Amperiors - Again, love the reviews on sound, it have that nice flashier look than the hd25s and a 3 button mic cord!! :D. I would probably buy these used off amazon because $350 is a lot for me buying headphones


3)V moda Lp2 - If i read correctly, these headphones have great bass and do not stay shy on the low mids. These were my first choice until i saw the amperiors. They look great because of the customization, 3button mic cord :D. But i have a major problem buying these due to the next choice


4) M100s- Should i wait for the M100s to come out or just buy the Lp2s, the fact that they were suppose to come out 2 months ago is killing me. If these came out tomorrow i probably would just buy them and never check this thread again... just saying. Also if i should wait for these to come out, the Akg tiestos and Senn Momentum will be out, will those cause my headphone search to widen up again?


Other possibles: ultrasone pro 550s, audio Technica PRO700 MK2, Akg 618/619dj (tiestos??)


So please people help me on my decision and i will probably continue "google"ing reviews on more and more headphones. 

Thank you so much and much much much is appreciated.


LASTLY - The cord must be detatchable because if i can replace the cord it comes with, with a 3 button mic remote i will be. And If i am replace the cord with the 3button mic cord, is there a universal cord that fits in all headphones or are they specific from headphone to headphone


thanks again much appreciated

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Have you looked at the new Sennheiser Momentum?


Look into the Philips Uptowns, Ultrasone PRO 650 & 750, Shure SRH840, Brainwavz HM5.


Very best,

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I saw jude's review on it and i like what i see compared to the m80 and amperior. Only thing is that it has the same issue has the M100s, When are they coming out? I know the starting price is at $350 but i live in America and do not know how to purchase these yet. So if i should wait to buy these momentums, i might as well wait for the m100s.


If i were to purchase an ultrasound i would get the pro 550s, i read that they were better for base than the 750s and heard the 650s were really for rock/alternative, if i am correct. I am not a fan of the shure's shape. The brainwaves look a lil too big for me.


I am definitely considering the uptowns now

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still seeking for assistance though :/

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